Greenville Schools Foundation continues 500 Club Raffle


GREENVILLE – Recent winners in Greenville Schools Foundation’s fundraising raffle are as follows:

January: John Davis, Kara Allread and Mary VandenBosch

February: Jennifer Nation, Bev Rush and Jim VandenBosch

March: Melissa Shepherd, Mary Lee Moore and Barb Elrod

April: Krista Quellhorst, Lisa Beasecker and Dave Sroufe

May: Derek Lockhart, Matt Lobenstein and Jeff Barker

June: Laura Bemus, Ginny Sharp and Andrea Townsend

Beginning in August, the foundation will for the fourth year conduct its 500 Club Raffle to help raise funds for the direct benefit of teachers and students of Greenville City Schools. In recent years the foundation has awarded more than $8,500 in grants annually for programs and projects that could not otherwise have been realized.

To date, winners have taken home $2,160. No more than 500 tickets are sold, increasing the chance to win. Each month there is a drawing for three winners: one $50 winner, one $20 winner and one $10 winner.

There are 27 chances to win, all for a $10 ticket.

Community members can buy tickets from any board member or by calling 548-9895 or 548-1530.

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