City of Greenville Tree Commission to host tree lottery


GREENVILLE – The City of Greenville Tree Commission will conduct a tree lottery in August, offering up to 15 trees, including the planting.

The commission will randomly select up to 15 recipients through a drawing that will take place at noon Aug. 27 on the front steps of the Municipal Building.

Lottery forms are now available in the Mayor’s Office of the Municipal Building and must be completed and returned by noon on Aug. 24.

Eligibility guidelines are as follows:

1. Only property owners living within the corporation limits will be eligible to participate in the lottery. Only one entry per property.

2. Property owners who fail to properly maintain either a replacement tree or lottery tree will not be eligible to participate in future lotteries.

3. Property owners will not be eligible to receive a tree through the lottery process in two consecutive years.

4. All lottery trees will be planted within the corporation limits in the public right-of-way and in accordance with the city’s tree ordinance and planting regulations.

5. All lottery trees will require a tree planting permit (no charge). A tree permit application must be completed and submitted to the Office of the Mayor in order for the city to purchase and plant tree.

6. Recipients need not be present at drawing to win.

7. Varieties of trees will include a choice of: flowering crabapple, golden rain tree, hawthorn, red maple, black tupelo, sweetgum and sugar maple.

Questions may be directed to the Office of the Mayor at 548-1819.

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