Huntington Outdoor Advertising reaches 400th billboard milestone


GREENVILLE – Huntington Outdoor Advertising has just built its 400th billboard face in Zanesville.

This makes the 60th billboard for the summer. This stacked unit offers four panels visible to traffic going to and coming from Zanesville. As a way to say thank you, Huntington Outdoor Advertising is offering to give away a free billboard.

To enter to win a free billboard, follow the instructions on Facebook on the Huntington Outdoor Advertising page.

This growing company got its start during the recession in 2010. Founder Justin Powell saw a need for community growth and encouragement.

“You know, it’s interesting, things were tough and the mood of the communities we were growing in were dark,” Powell said. “Businesses didn’t want to advertise, people didn’t want to buy anything, nobody was growing. Things were just so painful, but it’s different now. Since the beginning of this year I have put an average of 8,000 miles a month on my car. I’ve been able to really dig into all the different communities we are serving and are planning on serving. I can tell you people are excited.”

Huntington Outdoor Advertising is an expanding family owned business based in Greenville. It seeks to serve local communities across the state of Ohio and east-central Indiana.

For interest in billboard advertising, call 800-704-5973.

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