Arnett photo on display


ARCANUM – During the months of September and October, the family photo of the Arnett family, who settled Arnettsville or later known as Pitsburg, will be on display at the Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society located at 123 W. George St. in Arcanum.

The former historical Louis Deitrich Saloon and Hotel, which now houses the AWTHS, will be open Sept. 1 and Oct. 6 from 9 a.m.-noon to view the photo and Pitsburg display along with house tours, displays and the research or reference library.

The photo was loaned to AWTHS by Kathy Feitshans Fout. The public is invited to visit and those with Arnett, Friend, Bristley or Arnold family ties are invited to share their family tree and photos. This is the Abraham and Tobias Arnett family tree. The photo and family history was given by Kathy Feitshans Fout during the August Coffee Session.

Those who missed the previous event are asked to join this fall. It’s also a beautiful time to walk the town to see the designated historic sites and take the historic walking tour of Arcanum and the area.

For more information and updates, visit AWTHS Facebook page under “events” as well as its website, Full details and contacts are listed there as well as email and phone numbers.

Anyone with Pitsburg or Arnett materials to share should visit these sites to share their materials if they are unable to attend the September or October dates. Individuals may message AWTHS or share under its Arnett or Arnettsville Event page.

AWTHS is seeking info on the Pitsburg listing on old plat maps as well as Arnettsville listing on the map, which eventually was changed to Pitsburg. Were they two separate identities or one and the same? Particularly interested in the “old Pitsburg” location on Oaks Road as well as any old house or farm photos.

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