New Madison News: Students return to school


Fresh and crisp pages in new notebooks. New and pointed crayons were in backpacks. Newly sharpened pencils and pens of different colors, but especially black ones and blue ones, were ready for assignments. All of this arrived this week in classrooms at Tri-Village Schools when students located homerooms and greeted teachers.

In keeping with modern educational needs, the students will continue to have access to Chromebooks for digital content in the classroom. Starting in 2015 the district has been providing increasing numbers of Chromebooks for the academic programs. This year the school will provide all K-6 classrooms with at least 20 of these devices and every 7-12 student will be assigned a Chromebook for in school use. The administration will evaluate the future direction of this technological tool.

Students will enjoy the traditional short first week with Labor Day coming Sept. 3. After the Labor Day break, the academic programs will be going on a regular schedule until Sept. 24. Mark the calendars for Oct. 19 when the school has a fall break.

The opening week started on a high note with a football victory over Jefferson and a band presentation at halftime. The cheerleaders were coming off a super presentation at the Darke County Fair.

Congratulations to Shawn Bietry, longtime teacher at Tri-Village. She has moved to Brookville and is leading as an elementary principal.

Remember to mark Saturday, Sept. 8. The United Methodist Church will have its annual potpie supper with a choice of chicken or beef. This homemade favorite will be served with real mashed potatoes, assorted sides and salads and rolls. Of course there will be dessert! This is a free will offering. Serving is from 5 to 6:30 p.m. at 149 N. Main St., New Madison. You are welcome!

This week the nation honored Sen. John McCain. Despite your political choice, we honored a true patriot and a man who grew in dignity as he sometimes slipped in political contests. He showed us how to rise above politics in honor of red, white and blue. It is how you live your life with all of its ups and downs, and how you pass from life, that marks true dignity. He loved the United States and fought for it. His love of country and our ideals is a lesson in citizenship. He taught by example.

By Shirley Dubbs

New Madison News

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