Greenville man sentenced to jail in Miami County


TROY — John DeBord, 30, of Greenville, was sentenced to serve 60 days in jail and two years of community control for third-degree felony tampering with records in Miami County Common Pleas Court.

DeBord was indicted by a grand jury for taking out a loan for a truck and then selling the truck with a duplicate title before a lien could be placed on it. DeBord repaid the loan prior to Wednesday’s sentencing. The state remained silent during sentencing.

“You’ll never make a living as a criminal because you’re terrible at it,” Judge Christopher Gee said prior to sentencing.

Gee found DeBord’s record, with multiple theft convictions and one prior prison term, was void of violence or criminal acts with drugs or alcohol and noted DeBord’s family support. DeBord’s community control sanctions include a curfew, full-time employment, attend programming mandated by his probation officer and court costs. If he violated community control, Gee reserved 30 months in prison.

“You need to leave your life of crime behind you,” Gee said.

DeBord was remanded to the custody of the sheriff’s deputies and incarcerated in the Miami County Jail.

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