Greenville Public Library’s Third Floor Film Series resumes


GREENVILLE – Movies have a way of capturing people’s imaginations and lodging in their memories like no other popular art form can.

From the ornate movie palaces of the roaring ’20s to the streaming video services of today, from the drive-ins of the 1960s to modern multiplexes, movies have been entertaining people, exciting them, scaring them, making them laugh and stirring their hearts and minds for more than a hundred years.

Beginning in October, Greenville Public Library’s Third Floor Film Series again will bring the best classic and contemporary films to a local audience.

The Third Floor Film Series was a popular program at the library for several years before going on hiatus at the beginning of 2018. The series was founded in early 2015 by local writer David Nilsen, who ran the program until January 2017, when he handed it over to Ryan Carpe. It will relaunch again in October with Nilsen again curating and leading the series.

Free monthly screenings will feature a thought-provoking discussion led by Nilsen following each film, and attendees will be able to enjoy free candy, fresh popcorn and soft drinks during each event.

The series kicks off at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday with a showing of “The Haunting,” a 1963 classic of psychological horror based on Shirley Jackson’s iconic novel “The Haunting of Hill House.”

Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense classic “Shadow of a Doubt” will be shown on Nov. 6 with the 1934 comedic mystery film “The Thin Man” finishing out the year on Dec. 4. In December, 2019 dates will be announced.

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