Franklin Monroe MVCTC FFA holds annual Tractorcade


PITSBURG – Franklin Monroe High School held its fifth annual Tractorcade in which seven tractors were brought in to increase student awareness of farm equipment safety and awareness during the busy fall harvest season.

The following students participated in the Tractorcade activity: Austin Cool, Clem Montgomery, Walker Lindemuth, Garrison Warner, Mathew Brookey, Jacob Winterrowd and Davis Flora.

Kevin Bergman, Franklin Monroe’s ag advisor, took all his classes out to the front of the school where the tractors were parked and talked to them about how drivers should act when they share the road with a tractor. The students also investigated the various differences in tractor safety features. The tractors that were brought in ranged in age from a 1964 Ford to a 2013 John Deere. The students quickly realized that there were many changes and improvements that have occurred over the years.

Officer Kelly Moody, Franklin Monroe’s resource officer, also helped with the Tractorcade. He spoke with all of the classes about safety while tractors are on the roads. He stressed the importance of sharing the roads with farm equipment and being patient on the roads. He also shared some pictures with the students. These pictures along with his explanation help to illustrate the importance of paying attention while on the roads.

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