The playoffs are just a few weeks away


It’s Week 8 in the high school football season and the playoffs are inching ever so close.

One local team – Ansonia – currently ranks in the top 8 of its region which is where teams need to be at the end of Week 10 in order to make the postseason. The Tigers were the only Darke County team to make the playoffs last year, but at least one other team remains in contention with three weeks to go. Mississinawa Valley is currently ranked 13th in Region 28, the same region as Ansonia, and has games against National Trail (3-4), Arcanum (1-6) and Bethel (4-3) remaining.

Ansonia had TVS (4-3) this week, then is at Tri-Village (3-4) and finishes the year with Bradford (0-7).

Also, the last two Homecoming games for Darke County will be played this week with Ansonia hosting Twin Valley South and Versailles at home against New Bremen.

Here’s a look at this week’s matchups.

Game of the Week

National Trail at Mississinawa Valley

Records: National Trail (3-4, 1-4 CCC), Mississinawa Valley (3-4, 2-3 CCC)

Last year: National Trail 41, Mississinawa Valley 12

Last week: Ansonia 20, National Trail 17; Fort Loramie 64, Mississinawa Valley 20

Computer rankings: National Trail (No. 19 in Region 24), Mississinawa Valley (No. 13 in Region 28)

Up next: Fort Loramie at National Trail (Oct. 19), Arcanum at Mississinawa Valley (Oct. 19)

Other games

Tippecanoe at Greenville

Records: Tippecanoe (3-4, 0-2 GWOC North), Greenville (3-4, 0-2 GWOC North)

Last year: Tippecanoe 47, Greenville 0

Last week: Sidney 16, Tippecanoe 10; Piqua 42, Greenville 7

Computer rankings: Tippecanoe (No. 13 in Region 12), Greenville (No. 21 in Region 12)

Up next: Tippecanoe at Piqua (Oct. 19), Troy at Greenville (Oct. 19)

Twin Valley South at Ansonia

Records: Twin Valley South (4-3, 3-2 CCC), Ansonia (5-2, 4-1 CCC)

Last year: Ansonia 35, Twin Valley South 28

Last week: Twin Valley South 22, Tri-Village 16; Ansonia 20, National Trail 17

Computer rankings: Twin Valley South (No. 15 in Region 24), Ansonia (No. 4 in Region 28)

Up next: Covington at Twin Valley South (Oct. 19), Ansonia at Tri-Village (Oct. 19)

Arcanum at Miami East

Records: Arcanum (1-6, 1-4 CCC), Miami East (5-2, 3-2 CCC)

Last year: Miami East 42, Arcanum 13

Last week: Tri-County North 30, Arcanum 6; Miami East 63, Bradford 0

Computer rankings: Arcanum (N0. 26 in Region 24), Miami East (No. 8 in Region 18)

Up next: Arcanum at Mississinawa Valley (Oct. 19), Miami East at Tri-County North (Oct. 19)

Bradford at Covington

Records: Bradford (0-7, 0-5 CCC), Covington (4-3, 4-1 CCC)

Last year: Covington 63, Bradford 0

Last week: Miami East 63, Bradford 0; Covington 54, Bethel 7

Computer rankings: Bradford (No. 24 in Region 28), Covington (No. 10 in Region 24)

Up next: Bethel at Bradford (Oct. 19), Covington at Twin Valley South (Oct. 19)

Fort Loramie at Tri-Village

Records: Fort Loramie (6-1, 5-0 CCC), Tri-Village (3-4, 1-4 CCC)

Last year: Fort Loramie 49, Tri-Village 14

Last week: Fort Loramie 64, Mississinawa Valley 20; Twin Valley South 22, Tri-Village 16

Computer rankings: Fort Loramie (No. 1 in Region 28), Tri-Village (No. 19 in Region 28)

Up next: Fort Loramie at National Trail (Oct. 19), Ansonia at Tri-Village (Oct. 19)

New Bremen at Versailles

Records: New Bremen (4-3, 2-3 MAC), Versailles (2-5, 1-4 MAC)

Last year: Versailles 21, New Bremen 6

Last week: New Bremen 33, Parkway 13; Marion Local 49, Versailles 14

Computer rankings: New Bremen (No. 7 in Region 28), Versailles (No. 25 in Region 18)

Up next: Delphos St. John’s at New Bremen (Oct. 19), Minster at Versailles (Oct. 19)

By Skip Weaver

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The Daily Advocate sports editor Skip Weaver can be reached at (937) 569-4316 or by email at [email protected]. You can also follow him on Twitter at @skipweaver65.

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