Versailles News: Pickleball this fall, y’all


I can’t help but smile as I write about Pickleball. The name just causes me to grin and chuckle, and for those who actually play the game it can be quite addicting. So what is Pickleball? It’s a paddle sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. The court is as the same dimension and layout of a badminton court, which is about half the size of a tennis court. With its simple rules the game is easy to learn and appeals to all ages, but can develop into a competitive game for experienced players. There is even a televised US Open Pickleball Championship held in the late spring annually.

Besides a court the only equipment necessary is a paddle, which is similar to a ping pong paddle but larger and a perforated polymer ball similar to a wiffle ball. The game can be played in or outdoors with two or four players. You can find four courts at Ward Park as well as courts at the YMCA.

It’s hard to believe this game was actually invented in the mid-1960s, since it has only been in recent years that I’ve heard about it. I first became aware of Pickleball through retired relatives who spend their winters in Florida. Soon after I discovered the game, fitness buff Larry (Rabbit) Hemmelgarn along with Hank and Mary Roush, were promoting and advocating the sport in Versailles. It shouldn’t have surprised me (however it did) when the grandchildren received Pickleball paddles last Christmas.

Imagine an activity that combines fellowship, fitness, and fun; doesn’t that sound like a sport worth trying? Versailles has many Pickleball enthusiasts and many have Larry to thank because he offers everyone a free Pickleball lesson just by calling or texting him at 937-417-7928. So how long are you going to wait before getting in on the fun?

Fall Pickleball hours at Ward Park are Sundays from 2-4 p.m., Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6-8 p.m. and Fridays from 1-3 p.m. for all who are interested.


Tonight, Friday, Oct. 12 is the Hot Dog and Hamburger Tailgate Dinner which will be held at the Vets Club from 5-6:45 p.m. just before the homecoming game. The football game will be against New Bremen beginning at 7 p.m. with the crowning of the King and Queen taking place slightly before. The Queen candidates are: Madison Ahrens, Tori Ahrens, Jadyn Barga, Courtney Batten, and Morgan Frederick. The King candidates are: Ben Albers, Marcus Berger, Brooks Blakeley, Zach Griesdorn, and Evan Hiestand.

The 13th annual ball drop will be conducted after the game. (Need not be present to win.) If you haven’t bought your chance to win $10,000 there is still time. Contact Friends of Hole Field or purchase a chance before the game.

Also tonight and Saturday night is the Massacre Mill Haunted Trail from 8 p.m.–midnight. Massacre Mill is located at the corner of U.S. 127 and Reed Road, Ansonia.

Saturday, Oct. 13 will be a Rosary Rally for America, held at noon in the fountain square of Versailles. In the event of rain it will be held at St. Denis Church. Bring your rosary and lawn chair; there will be cookies after prayers. Later on Saturday starting at 4 p.m. is the Bradford Pumpkin Show parade; perhaps you’ll score some Halloween candy from Darke County Veterans Services distributed by yours truly.

Sunday, Oct. 14 from 11 a.m.–1 p.m. the K of C are offering Pork Lion Dinners at the hall on State Route 47, West and starting at 4 p.m. on Sunday the American Legion will be serving Fried Chicken Dinners at the Vets Hall (106 S Center St), eat in or carry out.

Pumpkins for judging must be in the Versailles Library by 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 18 and need to be picked up by the following Thursday. Rules and categories for the pumpkin decorating contest are available at the Library.

Mark Your Calendars: Tuesday, Oct. 16 is Bosses Day – your chance to get some brownie points; Friday, Oct. 19 from 4:30-6:30 p.m. St. Denis Church is offering tenderloin dinners; next Saturday, Oct. 20 is Sweetest Day – your chance to stay in her good graces. Two Sundays from now, Octo. 28, Versailles Trick or Treat will be held from 2–4 p.m. and then on Sunday, Nov. 4 we end daylight saving time.

Happy birthday to Pastor Jim Mussman (97), Virginia Goubeaux (96), Jenny Voisard (91), Mary Ann Leach (89), Laverne Brunswick (80), Amy Brandt, Becky Condon, Ellen Peters, Lori Davidson, Dave Friar, Virgil Knapke, Bob Turpen, Sylvia Henry, Sharon Kramer, Ryan Oliver, John Wood, Jim Zehringer, Mary Lou Nerderman, Marilyn Petitjean, Bernie Treon, Karen Clayton, Karen Meiring, Angie Hoelscher, Megan Subler, Chris Beasley, Christina Garlinger, and Lindsay Schultz as their special day approaches as well as, anniversary wishes to Katie and Matthew Curtis (8), Kate and Clint Brewer (12), Carrie and Eric Behlke (14), and Jenny and Nick Timmerman (18), and Bernadetta and Jerome Kemper (65).

Please give your supportive and healing prayers for the many who are dealing with any of life’s countless challenges, and especially for Bernie Frantz, Paul Shimp, Beverly Burt, Richard Shumaker, Harry Gorrell, Darrell Spangler, Jason Hoying, Fr. Ron Haft, Jackson Winner, Jerilyn Monnin, Fr. John White, Holly Finnarn, Susie Hileman, Kellie Gehret, Shirley Tapp, Becca Pohl Liette, Jane Meier, Dean Kreitzer, Jim Kelch, Scarlet Unrast, Jenni Meyer, John Brandt, Donna Apple, Alice Luthman, Michelle Sherman, Richard Pierron, Miriam Harman, Patricia Borchers, Bob Miller, Iona Gariety, Loretta Bey, Steve Bey, Aiden Myers, Angie Keiser, Paul Dapore, Rose Mary and Jerry Paulus, Cyril Frantz (VHCC), Carol Laub, Peggy and Jack Borgerding, Earl Gigandet, Ruth Wirrig, Marge Prakel, Mary Batty, Dave Magoto, Norma Magoto, Betty Kremer, Virginia Smith, Mary Huelskamp, Anabelle Subler, Lois Youngker, Barb Goubeaux, Eileen Rahm, Samantha Smith and those not mentioned by name who are recuperating, hospitalized, homebound and/or in need of our prayers.

Remembering the lives of Stephen Arling, Mildred Kay Perez, and Evelyn Selander, Larry Leffel, Joan Pleiman, and Cliff Wise, David Lee Peck, Norma Jean Magoto, Robert Buschur, Leroy Murphy, Craig and Doug Meier, Dan Luthman, Opal Subler, Jerry Heitkamp, Urban Ratterman and all our friends and family not mentioned by name as the anniversary of their recently passing nears. Gone too soon.

“You can’t buy happiness but you can play Pickleball and that is pretty close.” ~Unknown

“Catch the Pickleball craze. It’s a Big Dill” ~C. Edwards

“Pickleball is a sport you can Relish” ~S. Amelia

By Kathy Magoto

Versailles News

Kathy Magoto is a volunteer citizen columnist, who serves The Daily Advocate readers weekly with her Friday Versailles community column. She can be reached at [email protected] or at 526-3798. Feel free to contact her with Versailles news and tidbits. Viewpoints expressed in the article are the work of the author. The Daily Advocate does not endorse these viewpoints or the independent activities of the author.

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