Bradford Council hears proposed shed regulations


BRADFORD — The Bradford Council introduced a possible new shed ordinance during its meeting on Thursday evening, opening up the possibility of new regulations on sheds and banning structures like portable carports and soft-sided sheds from being used within the village of Bradford.

The first reading of the proposed ordinance was held on Thursday, defining a shed “as a building used for storage of personal property. Certain Motor Vehicles are prohibited, including automobiles, trucks, campers, recreation vehicles, and the like.”

The ordinance also provided sizing limitations, including a “shed will not exceed 200 square feet and a maximum of 16 feet in overall height.” The ordinance states that a “structure 200 square feet or less does not require a building permit. However, an approved zoning permit is required before placement or construction of any building/structure on any property located within the boundary of the village of Bradford.”

Sheds also must be located at least 3 feet from from side and rear property lines, and they are only permitted in the rear yard, according to the proposed ordinance. There also can only be one shed per lot.

The sheds also must be constructed out of “exterior corrosive-resistant material such as sealed or painted wood, vinyl, metal.” If it is made from a commercial package, “it must come from a reputable retailer, and is subject to be inspected by the Village Administrator.”

The ordinance also notes that the shed should be constructed on 3 inches of compacted stone or concrete and should include a “barrier guard to prevent small animals from accessing the area beneath the building.”

Prohibited structures include “Quonset huts, inflatable garages, portable garages, temporary garages, portable carports, temporary carports, portable containers, converted storage or shipping containers, and semi-tractor trailers used for storage with or without wheels … unless the structure is over 200 square feet and all permits are obtained.” The ordinance also prohibits soft-sided structures “made of canvas, cloth, plastic, or other materials that are not weather resistant.”

The council plans to hold two readings on the ordinance and then suspend the third reading until the head of the Ordinance Committee, council member Deb Warner, is able to return to council meetings. Warner was absent on Thursday evening. Council member Bob Daugherty also was absent.

Also during the meeting, Village Administrator Rick Looker and engineer Brice Schmitmeyer of Access Engineering updated the council on the Wastewater Treatment Plant. After looking at a similar plant operation in Versailles, the village is looking to build a small maintenance building next to the plant’s oxidation ditch to improve the plant’s chemical removal of phosphorus.

Currently, the village is successfully removing phosphorus through biological treatments, but the village still needs to improve its chemical process of removing phosphorus as a backup in case the biological processes fail.

Looker said the chemical used to remove phosphorus is expensive, so the village is on track to save between $12,000 and $15,000 a year by relying mostly on the biological process of removing phosphorus from the village’s wastewater instead of the chemical process.

“These changes are saving the taxpayers money,” Looker said.

Schmitmeyer said that Access Engineering will pay for the cost of building the maintenance building — which will include a 300-gallon tank for the chemical removal process — next to the oxidation ditch. Looker said that village will only need to pay for the necessary pumps, which will cost a total of approximately $2,000.

The council gave a consensus of its approval for the project, which Looker noted may not be able to take place until the village’s next budget cycle.

Also during his report, Looker said that he was approached by two employees who asked if council could consider a 3 percent wage increase instead of a 2 percent wage increase, which is what the council has approved in previous years. Council member Jeff Wirrig said that they would take it under advisement.

By Sam Wildow

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