Prep Roundup: Lady Tigers finish 9th at Kick Off Tournament


Lady Tigers finish 9th at Kick Off Tournament

The Lady Tiger Bowling Team traveled to Columbus on Saturday, Dec. 1 for the Kick-Off Classic. The format for the tournament was bowl three games and two bakers. The field was then cut to the top 16 teams of the 28 invited teams. The team bowled against some of the best teams in the state and a lot of the teams were Division I teams. This is one of the best tournaments around to be invited to during the year, there is certain criteria you must meet to bowl.

The Tigers got off to a slow start in game one rolling 748 sitting in 12th place. Leading the way for the Tigers were Morgan Heitkamp, Kalysta Thobe 158, Haddi Treon 153, Morgan Barlage 136 and Jena Mangen and Lindsay Cheadle combined for 126. The Tigers put up a first total pin count of 748.

In the second game the Tigers came out on fire. Treon started off the game with four strikes in a row to give the Tigers spark. After rolling 838 for game two the Tigers moved up to fifth place. Leading the way was Treon 213, Barlage 177, Heitkamp 165, Cheadle 147 and Thobe and Natalie York for 136.

“We made some good adjustments and the girls threw good first shots. When you shoot 838 and move up seven spots that just tells you how tough the lanes are playing and how important it is to pick up spares,” said Coach Tyler Phlipot.

The third game the Tigers fell a spot to sixth place still way above the cut line. Scores did not come easy the third game. The Tigers rolled 786 with Heitkamp leading the way at 201. Treon had 158, Barlage 149, Morgan Rinderle 147 and York, Thobe and Cheadle combine for 131.

The first baker game consisted of York, Rinderle, Treon, Barlage and Heitkamp. The score for this game was 162.

The second baker game consisted of York, Treon, Rinderle, Barlage and Heitkamp. The girls were able to obtain more strikes and marks and scored a 181. After bakers the Tigers found themselves up one spot to 5th going into match play.

In the first round of match play the Tigers rolled against 12 seed Wooster. Starting off game one for the Tigers were York, Jena Magen, Treon, Barlage and Heitkamp. The Tigers got off to a slow start missing some easy spares falling 156-172. Game 2, Rinderle, Mangen, Treon, Barlage and Heitkmap got started off on a good note but could not over come the hot shooting of Wooster and fell in game two 166-256. Going into baker game 3 the Tigers knew they needed to win the next 3. Game 3 line up was Rinderle, Cheadle, Treon, Barlge and Heitkamp. The Tigers just could not get things rolling falling in the third game 144-161.

“Our goal was to make the finals to have a shot at winning this tournament,” Phlipot said. “We just simply could not pick up spares in the bakers. We should have won the first and third baker matches. I told the girls after the match we will learn from our mistakes so when it counts at the end of year we will handle the pressure. Overall, I was very happy how the team bowled, I think we are heading in the right direction.”

The next time to see your Tiger bowlers is Saturday, Dec. 8. They will be at Woodcrest Lanes in Union City to take on Ft. Recovery at 9:45 a.m.

Lady Tiger bowlers come up short at Troy

The Versailles High School bowling team traveled to Troy on Thursday, Nov. 28 to take on the Trojans. The match was abbreviated to two games and two baker games instead of the normal three games and five baker games.

The first game opened with Morgan Barlage, Jena Mangen, Kalstya Thobe, Haddi Treon and Morgan Heitkamp. Treon kept the crowd on the edge of their seats by opening with six strikes in a row in the first game with a 264 to lead the Tigers for this game. Barlage also broke out with a 215 first game. The Tigers were up 9 pins on the Trojans after the first game 938-929.

“It was nice to see the team come out a bowl good. We have been struggling a bit on our first shots and clicking as team,” said Coach Tyler Phlipot. Also leading the Tigers in the first game were Thobe 158, Heitkamp 153, Mangen and Cheadle combine for 148.

The second game the Tigers started off slow but picked it up. Heitkmap led the Tigers with a score of 212. Versailles gave some pins back as the Trojans kept on rolling to a 951 compated to Versailles’ 863. Also scoring well for the Tigers were Thobe 189, Treon 179, Barlage 153 and Cheadle and York combine for 130.

The Tigers were down 79 pins going into bakers and they knew they were not out of the game and had to step it up and put pressure on Troy. The first baker game was comprised of Thobe, York, Barlage, Treon and Heitkamp. The Tigers came out on fire rolling 224-160 cutting into the lead.

The second baker game the Tigers kept the same line up as the first game. The Tigers started out a little slow and could not pick up ending up 15 pins short for the match 188-167.


Versailles boys finish second at Celina Sprint Invitational

The Versailles boys swim team opened up the season with a second-place finish at the Celina Sprint Invitational Swim Meet on Saturday, Dec. 1. The meet was held at Jay County High School in Indiana with 19 teams participating. The Versailles boys’ team had almost every athlete set a new personal best from last year. Cole Condon was first in all four events, and broke his own school record in the 50 Butterfly with a time of 24.24. Cole also broke the 50 Breaststroke school record which was held by Brian Ruhe since 2011 with a time of 28.74.

The Versailles girls swim team also opened up the season at the Celina Sprint Invitational Swim Meet. The Lady Tigers performed well against a 17-team field with several of the girls swimming their personal best.

See results below:


Team scores: 1st, St. Marys 132.5; 2nd, Versailles 91; 3rd, Celina 87.5; 4th, Minster 68; 5th, Ottawa Glandorf 66; 6th, Jay County High School 41.5; 7th, Lima Bath 34.5; 8th, Miller City High School 31; 9th, Coldwater 29.5; 10th, Elida High School 25; 11th, Fort Recovery 6.5; 12th, Van Wert 4; 13th, New Bremen 3; St. Henry, Ben Logan, Marion Local, Piqua, Bellefontaine, and Botkins all with 0.

50 yard Freestyle: 1st, 22.36, Condon, Cole; 19th, 24.94, Subler, Ryan; 23rd, 25.17, Detrick, Jack; 26th, 25.39, Baltes, Stuart; 29th, 25.70, Ahrens, Mason; 43rd, 26.37, Vanskyock, Evan; 62nd, 27.93, Schultz, Owen; 66th, 28.21, Petitjean, Jarrett; 80th, 29.25, Nelson, Jonathan; 109th, 32.54, Davis, Ethan; 119th, 35.66, White, Isaac; 127th, 41.78 Grilliot, Alexander

50 yard Butterfly: 1st, 24.24, Condon, Cole; 17th, 28.01, Baltes, Stuart; 29th, 28.79, Detrick, Jack; 32th, 29.32, Subler, Ryan; 35th, 29.72, Ahrens, Mason; 38th, 30.24, Vanskyock, Evan; 66th, 32.97, Schultz, Owen; 68th, 33.23, Petitjean, Jarrett; 78th, 34.82, Davis, Ethan; 96th, 45.98, Nelson, Jonathan; 98th, 47.14, White, Isaac

50 yard Backstroke: 1st, 26.64, Condon, Cole; 10th, 29.52, Subler, Ryan; 13th, 29.82, Baltes, Stuart; 37th, 33.14, Ahrens, Mason; 41st, 33.54, Detrick, Jack; 48th, 33.99, Vanskyock, Evan; 61st, 35.34, Petitjean, Jarrett; 77th, 37.57, Schultz, Owen; 97th, 41.43, Davis, Ethan; 113th, 46.57, White, Isaac; 114th, 47.28, Nelson, Jonathan; 117th, 47.87, Grilliot, Alexander

50 yard Breaststroke: 1st, 28.74, Condon, Cole; 26th, 34.57, Schultz, Owen; 29th, 34.66, Baltes, Stuart; 33rd, 35.11, Detrick, Jack; 43rd, 35.74, Vanskyock, Evan; 46th, 35.84, Ahrens, Mason; 54th, 36.81, Subler, Ryan; 84th, 42.15, Davis, Ethan; 93rd, 43.15, Petitjean, Jarrett; 107th, 54.74, Nelson, Jonathan.


50 yard Freestyle: 35th, 28.46, Cavin, Sara; 36th, 28.47, Holzapfel, Madelyn; 43rd, 28.97, Jay, Alexis; 55th, 29.53, Day, Deanna; 69th, 30.08, Jones, Bethany; 70th, 30.09, Monnin, Lauren; 74th, 30.21, Prakel, Lucy; 76th, 30.45, Francis, Grace; 78th, 30.60, Hecht, Courtney; 79th, 30.63, Kruckeberg, Kaia; 82nd, 30.67, Bey, Hannah; 86th, 31.02, Dross, Kasidy; 94th, 31.36, Frederick, Morgan; 114th, 32.07, Batten, Courtney; 122nd, 32.42, Francis, Chloe; 129th, 33.25, Waymire, Olivia; 137th, 33.54. Menke, Lauren; 154th, 35.01, Keiser, Claire; 164th, 36.53, Gigandet, Melissa; 173rd, 37.19, Weber, Emma; 190th, 39.46, Myers, Sklar; 199th, 41.22. Frantz, Brianna

50 yard Butterfly: 28th, 31.36, Jay, Alexis; 29th, 31.39, Holzapfel, Madelyn; 33rd, 31.80, Prakel, Lucy; 38th, 32.04, Jones, Bethany; 46th, 32.62, Cavin, Sara; 70th, 34.92, Dross, Kasidy; 71st, 34.93, Bey, Hannah; 72nd, 35.05, Day, Deanna; 74th, 35.07, Francis, Grace; 75th, 35.11, Monnin, Lauren; 85th, 35.89, Ahrens, Tori; 97th, 36.96, Frederick, Morgan; 101st, 37.51, Batten, Courtney; 104th, 37.97, Hecht, Courtney; 109th, 38.40, Kruckeberg, Kaia; 122nd, 39.93, Menke, Lauran; 123rd, 40.18, Francis, Chloe; 136th, 42.65, Waymire, Olivia; 140th, 44.22, Keiser, Claire; 157th, 47.29, Weber, Emma; 162nd, 49.91, Myers, Sklar; 166th, 51.99, Gigandet, Melissa

50 yard Backstroke: 42nd, 35.24, Francis, Grace; 45th, 35.35, Cavin, Sara; 52nd, 36.00, Batten, Courtney; 65th, 36.79, Jay, Alexis; 65th, 36.79, Jones, Bethany; 80th, 37.59, Prakel, Lucy; 81st, 37.66, Ahrens, Tori; 86th, 38.03, Dross, Kasidy; 87th, 38.11, Day, Deanna; 89th, 38.17, Hecht, Courtney; 96th, 38.98, Bey, Hannah; 106th, 39.68, Monnin, Lauren; 107th, 39.72, Francis, Chloe; 116th, 40.54, Menke, Lauren; 124th, 41.05, Fredericks, Morgan; 133rd, 42.11, Keiser, Claire; 136th, 43.04, Kruckeberg, Kaia; 159th, 45.80, Waymire, Olivia; 167th, 46.74, Weber, Emma; 188th, 50.19, Gigandet, Melissa; 189th, 50.63, Frantz, Brianna; 214th, DQ, Myers, Skylar

50 yard Breaststroke: 20th, 37.09, Prakel, Lucy; 31st, 38.34, Bey, Hannah; 34th, 38.80, Holzapfel, Madelyn; 38th, 39.32, Menke, Lauren; 57th, 41.10, Jay, Alexis; 65th, 41.68, Ahrens, Tori; 73rd, 42.29 Francis, Grace; 79th, 42.74, Monnin, Lauren; 89th, 43.19 Day, Deanna; 99th, 43.99, Frederick, Morgan; 105th, 44.47, Hecht, Courtney; 111th, 45.23, Francis, Chloe; 112th, 45.37, Waymire, Olivia; 114th, 45.58, Batten, Courtney; 153rd, 53.88, Weber, Emma; 164th, 59.03, Keiser, Claire; 165th, 59.05, Gigandet, Melissa; 172nd, 1:25.61, Myers, Skylar

The team is coached by head swim coach, Mark Travis and Assistant Coaches Kori Oliver and Andrew Kramer. For more information about the swim team, please visit our Web site at, click on Athletics, click on Sports Schedules, and click on Swimming.

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