On Neff Road: Here comes the bride


This is my last column. No, no, wait! My last column as a single woman. On Dec. 9, Loren and I will be married. We have combined households and seem to be doing fine, so why not, right? Married. Hm. I have been alone for about 25 years, so this is a big step. And a lovely one. So “bear” with me as I regale you with wedding this’s and that’s.

The twins will be flower girl and ring bearer. There was a bit of confusion when Nolan thought he was going to be the ring bear. In his mind, he would be in a bear costume. Now Loren and I had no problem with this as we love the little boy and the way his mind thinks. However, his father gave us a firm “no” on the bear costume. Well, there are ways … Unbeknownst to Nolan, he will be carrying a ring bear. A darling bear who will hold the rings. Thus he will be know as the ring bear bearer. Hm. I think this might catch on!

Emma equally takes her task on with great gusto. She is carrying a red basket trimmed with white fur and is throwing fake snow. Our hope is that the guests are not the targets of said snow. It might be the only snow we see this mild winter.

My sister June and a friend are due here on Tuesday (day before this column is out) and will be staying a week. She is standing up with me. She is my best friend and will make our day extra special. Meg Sparks will be here for the party as well as my nephew Brad and wife Liz Graham.

I am definitely wiser and more worldly than I was way back when I took that first step in ‘69. I have more to give. And, I know that I am getting more in this man of mine. So many couples cannot marry when they are retired because of financial reasons. We are fortunate. But then, does it make a difference? Of course not. We feel blessed to have found one another.

Companionship is important for this older generation. We laugh more and maybe love more deeply. We share years in ways that our families cannot understand. There is a history we can share even if we shared it separately. I can enjoy my children and grandchildren twice as much. We go to concerts, plays, all sorts of things that most older singles would not do alone. All the seasons of the years are better, because we have weathered the storms and are enjoying them in a new way all over again together.

Since I write under Pamela Loxley Drake, I will be keeping it. We did for a few seconds consider both going with Loxley. Mom and Dad always wanted a son.

Times are a changing. So is my marital status. Wish you could all be here.

Just a footnote. A few days ago we were thrilled to meet up with Lowell Lavy here in Oregon. He was one of the boys who lived at the end of the lane on Neff Road. Lowell and I didn’t know one another well back then since he was a latecomer. However, in just a few hours, we bridged that gap. What a delight to see someone from home and to embrace memories once more. Thanks, Lowell, for spending time with us. Next time bring Rena with you.


By Pamela Loxley Drake

On Neff Road

Pamela Loxley Drake is a former resident of Darke County and is the author of Neff Road and A Grandparent Voice blog. She can be reached at [email protected]. Viewpoints expressed in the article are the work of the author. The Daily Advocate does not endorse these viewpoints or the independent activities of the author.

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