Versailles FFA selling extra food


VERSAILLES – The Versailles FFA fruit has arrived, and there is extra product available.

The Versailles FFA has extra of the following products: Ohio red delicious apples, Ohio Fuji apples, Ohio gold delicious apples, Ohio gold rush apples, Ohio apple mix (red delicious, gold delicious and Fuji). These items have the price of $30 for 40 pounds of apples, $17 for 20 pounds of apples and $8 for 10 pounds of apples. These apples are great for making pies, applesauce, and they are still good for eating.

There also are California navel oranges available at the price of $32 for for full box, $20 for half of a box and $11 for a quarter of a bag.

Also, Texas pink grapefruit, mixed fruit (tangerines, pink grapefruit and Ohio red delicious apples) and D’Anjou pears are available for extra sales. Grapefruit are priced at $26 for a full box, $16 for a half box and $10 for a quarter box. Mixed boxes have the price of $33 for a full box, $21 for a half box and $10 for a quarter box. The pears are priced at a full box reduced to $45 for a full box, half box at $22 and quarter at $14.

There also are Clementine Cuties available for $30 for a half box and $20 for a quarter box.

Versailles FFA also has chocolate covered pecans for $9, shelled pecan halves for $10, whole cashews for $9 and mixed nuts for $7. Peanut brittle bites, Honey Krunch peanuts and southern fried skinless peanuts are $4, and roasted almonds are $6.

There also is a peanut gift pack for $12 and a chocolate nut gift pack for $12. Versailles FFA also has beef summer sausage for $12, beef sticks (original and spicy 12 pack for $12) and Buff Lo Dip for $5.

There also are multiple different cheeses available for $4.50 each including Amish Colby cheese, mild Swiss cheese, marble cheese, pepper jack cheese, Lacey baby Swiss, horseradish cheese, bacon cheese, mozzarella, pepperoni and Jumpin Jack cheese. There is a gift box with bologna, Colby, Swiss and marble cheese for $20 and trail bologna for $5.50.

There also are 8 ounce containers of local Grogean honey for $4, creamed honey for $6 and honey butter for $4.

Barbecue sauce is available in gallon size and 19.5 ounce size. Sauce includes sweet and smokey, mildly spicy and island marinade. Bottles are $4.50 and gallon for $25.

Limited supplies of all these items are available. Anyone who would like to purchase any extra produce should contact any Versailles FFA Member or email Dena Wuebker at [email protected] or Taylor Bergman at [email protected].

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