Greenville to renew Rumpke contract, votes pay increases

GREENVILLE — On Tuesday, Greenville City Council completed its final regular meeting of 2018, passing a flurry of legislative items before the new year.

Safety/Service Director Curt Garrison informed council the city’s three-year Rumpke contract would expire at the end of April 2019. However, there is a clause in the contract to extend the agreement for one year. He said Rumpke had the right to increase the fee 3 percent during the one-year extension.

Councilman Leon Rogers questioned why the city should honor the contract if Rumpke was going to continue collecting during hours outside of what the contract states.

“If they’re going to break the contract time-wise, why do we even have a contract?” he asked.

Garrison said he would express Rogers’ concerns with Rumpke when he meets with the company in January. Council’s consensus was to extend the Rumpke contract for one year versus seeking out bids with other companies.

Council unanimously approved a Finance Committee report, in which the committee recommended an increase in employee reimbursements for meals. The breakfast reimbursement, previously $8, will be bumped up to $10. Lunch is being increased from $12 to $15 while dinner will be upped from $15 to $20. The 15-percent gratuity for each meal will be increased to 20 percent. Legislation to approve the increase will be voted upon at council’s Jan. 8 meeting.

As well, council voted 5 to 1 to accept a Finance Committee recommendation to keep the salary of safety/service director at its current level. Councilman Doug Wright voted against accepting the report.

Council voted to approve ordinances setting salaries for city officials, beginning in 2020, including mayor, auditor, law director and ward council members.

Council President John Burkett said, “This council chose to do this prior to the end of this year because all these positions are up for election in 2019, taking office in 2020.” He said those interested in filing petitions to run for office will have 90 days to do so before the May primary.

The law director salary saw the largest bump, from $52,000 to $95,000, effective January 2019.

Ordinances establishing salaries for an assistant law director and temporary and seasonal employees, effective 2019, also were passed.

Also approved were ordinances ratifying collective bargaining agreements with the city’s firefighters and maintenance workers.

By Erik Martin

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