Prep Roundup: Versailles boys take first, girls second at New Bremen Quad


The Versailles boys swim team continued its season with a first place finish at the New Bremen Quad Swim Meet on Saturday, Dec. 15.

The Versailles girls also performed well by finishing as the runner-up at the meet.

The meet was held at the Auglaize-Mercer South YMCA with four teams participating.

“After the couple previous weeks of competing in Sprint Meets, it was nice to get into our standard High School Meet format where we could swim all of the events,” said VHS coach Mark Travis. “Today, Ryan Subler, Mason Ahrens, Cole Condon and the Versailles A Relay Teams all got first-place finishes. Jack Detrick, Mason Ahrens and Ryan Subler all got second place finishes.For the girls, Alexis Jay, Deanna Day and the Versailles A Relay Team all got second place finishes and Lauren Menke and Versailles A Relay Team got a third place finishes.”

Boys team scores were as follows: 1. Versailles 118, 2. Minster 80, 3. New Bremen 43, 4. Fort Recovery 24.

The results for Versailles boys were as follows:

200 yard Medley Relay: 1st, 1:52.58, Versailles A, Ryan Subler (SO) Owen Schultz (SO) Stuart Baltes (SR) Cole Condon (SR); 4th, 2:08.37; Jarrett Petitjean (SO) Evan Vanskyock (FR) Jack Detrick (SO) Jonathan Nelson (SO)

200 yard Freestyle: 1st, 1:59.19, Condon, Cole

200 yard IM: 1st, 2:30.17, Ahrens, Mason

50 yard Freestyle: 2nd, 25.85, Detrick, Jack; 3rd, 26.39, Vanskyock, Evan; 6th, 27.09, Schulz, Owen; 7th, 28.22, Petitjean, Jarrett; 8th, 29.70, Nelson, Jonathan; 11th, 31.64, Davis, Ethan; 12th, 33.20, White, Isaac; 13th, 35.10, Grilliot, Alexander

100 yard Butterfly: 3rd, 1:06.89, Detrick, Jack; 5th, 1:26.56, Davis, Ethan

100 yard Freestyle: 2nd,58.07, Subler, Ryan; 3rd, 58.13, Vanskyock, Evan; 9th, 1:14.08, Nelson, Jonathan; 10th, 1:16.71, White, Isaac; 11th, 1:28.79, Grilliot Alexander

500 yard Freestyle: 2nd, 6:22.08, Baltes, Stuart

200 yard Freestyle Relay: 1st,1:38.59, Versailles A, Ryan Subler (SO) Stuart Baltes (SR) Jack Detrick (SO) Cole Condon (SR); 3rd, Versailles B, Evan Vanskyock (FR) Owen Schulz (SO) Jarrett Petitjean (SO) Mason Ahrens (FR)

100 yard Backstroke: 1st, 1:09.13, Subler, Ryan; 2nd, 1:13.84, Baltes, Stuart; 3rd, 1:19.38, Petitjean, Jarrett

100 yard Breaststroke: 2nd, 1:17.28, Ahrens, Mason; 4th, 1:20.40, Schultz, Owen

400 yard Freestyle Relay: 3rd,4:55.33, Versailles A, Ethan Davis (JR) Jonathan Nelson (SO) Isaac White (SO) Mason Ahrens (FR)

Team scores for the girls were as follows: 1. New Bremen 127, 2. Versailles & Fort Recovery 73, 4. Minster 35.

The results for Versailles girls were as follows:

200 yard Medley Relay: 4th,1:52.58, Versailles A, Madelyn Holzapfel (FR) Hannah Bey (JR) Alexis Jay (SO) Sara Cavin (SO); 6th, 2:21.19, Versailles C, Courtney Batten (SR) Olivia Waymire (JR) Lucy Prakel (JR) Melissa Gigandet (SR)

200 yard Freestyle: 6th, 2:38.21, Frederick, Morgan; 9th, 2:52.35, Rush, Katelyn

200 yard IM: 4th, 2:39.18, Jay, Alexis; 5th, 2:41.32, Holzapfel, Madelyn; 7th, 2:49.08, Prakel, Lucy

50 yard Freestyle: 4th, 28.68, Ahrens, Tori; 6th, 29.01, Cavin, Sara; 10th, 30.07, Hecht, Courtney; 11th, 30.44, Monnin, Lauren; 12th, 30.53, Kruckeberg, Kaia; 13th, 30.80, Jones, Bethany; 16th, 32.70, Waymire, Olivia ; 19th, 33.51, Francis, Chloe; 22nd, 35.68, Keiser, Claire; 24th, 37.62, Weber, Emma; 25th, 41.10, Frantz, Brianna

100 yard Butterfly: 2nd, 1:13.25, Jay, Alexis; 5th, 1:20.53, Prakel, Lucy; 6th, 1:27.44, Francis, Grace

100 yard Freestyle: 5th, 1:02.81, Holzapfel, Madelyn; 7th, 1:07.28, Ahrens, Tori; 10th, 1:08.84, Jones, Bethany; 13th, 1:09.12, Frederick, Morgan; 14th, 1:09.47, Hecht, Courtney; 15th, 1:10.47, Menke, Lauren; 16th, 1:10.69, Kruckeberg, Kaia; 16th, 1:10.69, Francis, Chloe; 19th, 1:12.53, Dross, Kasidy; 21st, 1:13.53, Rush, Katelyn; 25th, 1:20.31, Waymire, Olivia; 28th, 1:24.84, Myers, Skylar; 29th, 1:52.56, Frantz, Brianna

500 yard Freestyle: 2nd, 6:38.33, Day, Deanna; 6th, 7:29.63, Batten, Courtney

200 yard Freestyle Relay: 2nd,1:54.89, Versailles A, Madelyn Holzapfel (FR) Deanna Day (JR) Alexis Jay (SO) Sara Cavin (SO); 3rd, 2:00.57, Versailles B, Lauren Monnin (SO) Lucy Prakel (JR) Bethany Jones (SO) Tori Ahrens (SR); 5th, 2:03.21, Versailles C, Grace Francis (SR) Hannah Bey (JR) Kaia Kruckeberg (JR) Courtney Hecht (FR)

100 yard Backstroke: 5th, 1:23.28, Francis, Grace; 7th, 1:25.28, Dross, Kasidy; 8th, 1:30.87, Keiser, Claire

100 yard Breaststroke: 3rd, 1:19.96, Menke, Lauren; 4th, 1:25.52, Bey, Hannah; 7th, 1:34.40, Monnin, Lauren

400 yard Freestyle Relay: 3rd,4:34.75, Versailles A, Tori Ahrens (SR) Lauren Menke (SO) Morgan Frederick (SR) Deanna Day (JR) 6th, 4.:54.82, Versailles B, Courtney Batten (SR) Hannah Bey (JR) Kaia Kruckeberg (JR) Courtney Hecht (FR); 8th, 5:02.84, Versailles C, Claire Keiser (SR) Olivia Waymire (JR) Chloe Francis (SR) Kasidy Dross (JR)


Lady Tigers roll over Indians and Wildcats

The Versailles Lady Tigers bowling team had a double header on Saturday, Dec. 15 bowling Fort Recovery the first match and Minster the second match at Minster Community Lanes.

In the first match, the Lady Tigers defeated Fort Recovery 2412-1898. Haddi Treon got off to a fast start in game one stringing five strikes in a row for a 201. Also helping the team was Morgan Barlage 176, Morgan Heitkamp 129, Kalysta Thobe 146 and Jena Mangen 131 for a first game score 783.

The line up stayed the same in game 2 and the Tigers rolled a 796. Barlage 192, Heitkamp 190 and Treon 164.

In the five baker games, the Tigers kept the same lineup including Lindsay Cheadle, Madelynn Stewart, Treon, Barlage and Heitkamp. The girls were able to out roll Fort Recovery in bakers with scores 131-159-181-158-203.

I was pleased on how we bowled in the bakers,” said VHS Coach Tyler Phlipot. “I just told the girls lets have a good fifth baker and take that in to the Minster match.”

In the second match of the day, the Tigers defeated the Minster Wildcats 2638-2184.

“I told the girls we need to get off to a fast start as Minster is a good team and we could not afford to make mistakes,” Phlipot said.

The Tigers got off to a fast start behind Heitkamp with a 245, Treon 191, Cheadle 169, Thobe 164 and Barlage 160 for a team score 929. This was the highest game the Tigers have had all year so far.

Heading in to the second game, the Tigers kept the same line up and did not let up rolling an 890 game. Tiger scores included Heitkamp 213, Barlage 188, Cheadle 179, Treon 171 and Thobe 139.

“Our bowlers were successful across the board in the games against Minster. Lindsey Cheadle bowled very well,” Phlipot said.

The Tigers lineup for baker games was Stewart, Mallory York, Cheadle, Treon and Heitkamp. In the first game the Tigers rolled only 135. The Tigers kept the same lineup for the next four bakers with scores 182-175-148-179.

“I was happy about how we finished the bakers. Mallory York did a really nice job in the bakers in her first varsity match. I am proud of how well the girls bowled all day even with hard lane conditions. The girls had to stay focused,” Phlipot said.

The Lady Tigers record is 4-1 and 4-0 in conference and their next match is Saturday Dec. 22 at Pla Mor Lanes in Coldwater against Mississinawa Valley.

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