Versailles bowlers, swimmers have successful outings



Lady Tigers cruise past Blackhawks

The Versailles Lady Tigers bowling team traveled to Pla Mor Lanes in Coldwater on Saturday Dec. 22 to take on Mississinawa Valley and came away victorious, 2516-1724.

The Lady Tigers got off to a fast start with Morgan Heitkamp 199, Haddi Treon 192, Lindsay Cheadle 168, Morgan Barlage 159 and Kalysta Thobe 139 for a first game total 857.

“This was great for our team, getting off to such a good start at Coldwater. It is not an easy place to bowl,” said Coach Tyler Phlipot.

The Tigers started off game two the same way they ended game one. Barlage started off the game with the first three strikes and finished the game with a 179. Treon had a 184 followed by Heitkamp with 181, Cheadle 133 and Madelynn Stewart 119 for a second game total 796.

The scores don’t show how well they bowled the second game, we missed a lot of easy spares in the 9th and 10th frames. We need to continue to work hard on our spare game,” said Coach Phlipot.

In the first baker game the Tigers line up included Natalie York, Stewart, Kalysta Thobe, Barlage and Heitkamp. The Tigers were able to finish the game strong rolling 190 for the first game to Mississinawa’s 145.

The second baker game the Tigers line up included York, Stewart, Thobe, Barlage and Heitkamp. The Tigers fought through every shot and pulled out 157 to Mississinawa’s 90.

Heading into the third baker the Tigers changed the line up to York, Cheadle, Thobe, Heitkamp and Barlage. Versailles rolled 194 to Mississinawa’s 120.

In the fourth and fifth baker games the Tigers kept the same line up York, Cheadle, Thobe, Heitkamp and Barlage. In the fourth baker the Tigers rolled 163 to Mississinawa’s 107, and the fifth baker game 159 to Mississinawa’s 120.

“I was happy how the baker games went. We are cutting down on open frames and the girls are believing in each other,” Phlipot said. “We have a couple good matches coming up. We face St. Marys on Friday, Dec. 28 and Coldwater at New Bremen on Dec. 29.”

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Tiger bowlers pull off win

The Versailles boys bowling team defeated Mississinawa Valley on Saturday, Dec. 22 in Coldwater.

The first game consisted of Sam Bensman, Tyler Gehret, Derek Morris, Landon Henry and Jay Mumaw. Tyler and Derek had turkeys in the game while Landon had a four bagger. The Tigers were led by Gehret with a 211 and Henry with 206. The Tigers pin count was 971 to Mississinawa’s 824.

“The first game all the boys clicked together and had the highest team game of the year,” Coach Tyler Phlipot said.

The second game was comprised of Bensman, Gehret, Morris, Henry, Mumaw and subs Alex Kunk, Matthew Francis, and Quayd Pearson. The Tigers were led by Morris and Bensman. Versailles’ pin count for this game was 746 to the Blackhawks’ 970.

The first baker game was Mumaw, Gehret, Morris, Henry and Bensman. The Tigers were able to put a turkey together for a 166. Jay, Tyler and Sam were able to keep marks in all their frames. The Mississinawa team put up a 172.

The second baker game had Gehret, Kunk, Morris, Mumaw and Bensman. With marks in most of the frames, the Tigers were able to roll a 192 while Mississinawa rolled a 172.

The third baker game consisted of Gehret, Kunk, Morris, Bensman and Mumaw. The 168 pin count for Versailles was short of Mississinawa’s 174.

The fourth baker game was comprised of Gehret, Morris, Henry, Bensman and Mumaw. The Tiger team put together a four bagger with Tyler, Derek, Landon and Sam for a 200 pin count, and the Blackhawks rolled a 174.

The final baker game was made up of Gehret, Morris, Henry, Mumaw and Bensman. The atmosphere of the crowd was intense. The Tigers marked in most of the frames for a 189 while the Blackhawks rolled a 130.

“I am proud of the boys for not giving up, being down 43 pins going into the last baker and pulling out a win is big for this young group of boys,” Phlipot said. “We need to carry this momentum into the next week with two big matches at St. Marys and Coldwater.”

The next time to catch your Tiger bowling team is Friday, Dec. 28th at 5 p.m. against St. Marys at Varsity Lanes. The Tigers also have a match on Saturday, Dec. 29 at 9:45 a.m. in New Bremen to take on Coldwater.


Versailles swim teams place fifth, eighth at Butler Invitational

The Versailles boys swim team finished in fifth place at the Butler Invitational on Saturday, Dec. 22. The meet was held at the Wright State University Student Union with 11 teams participating.

Cole Condon finished third in the 50 freestyle and second in the 100 freestyle to lead the Tigers. The 200 free relay team also finished third and the 200 medley relay team placed sixth.

The boys team scores were as follows: 1st, Milford 515; 2nd, Vandalia Butler 296; 3rd, Northmont 282; 4th, Oxford Talawanda 223; 5th, Versailles 181.5; 6th, Troy 173; 7th, Bellbrook 154; 8th, Waynesville 144; 9th, Tipp City 130.5; 10th Bethel Tate 58; 11th, Dayton Stebbins 7.

The Tigers individual results were as follows:

200 yard Medley Relay: 6th, 1:50.42, Versailles A, Ryan Subler (SO) Owen Schultz (SO) Stuart Baltes (SR) Cole Condon (SR); 13th, 2:07.01, Versailles B, Jarrett Petitjean (SO) Mason Ahrens (FR) Jack Detrick (SO) Jonathan Nelson (SO)

200 yard Freestyle: 8th, 2:09.92, Ahrens, Mason; 10th, 2:14.21, Subler, Ryan

50 yard Freestyle: 3rd, 22.98, Condon, Cole; 13th, 25.63, Detrick, Jack; 18th, 26.91, Schulz, Owen; 21st, 27.34, Petitjean, Jarrett; 42nd, 30.25, Nelson, Jonathan; 49th, 32.44, Davis, Ethan; 51st, 32.82, White, Isaac; 55th, 35.40, Grilliot, Alexander

100 yard Butterfly: 10th, 1:03.45, Baltes, Stuart; 16th, 1:09.63, Detrick, Jack; 21st, 1:26.68, Davis, Ethan

100 yard Freestyle: 2nd,52.36, Condon, Cole; 14th, 58.07, Vanskyock, Evan; 19th, 1:02.72, Petitjean, Jarrett

500 yard Freestyle: 14th, 6:09.72, Subler, Ryan

200 yard Freestyle Relay: 3rd,1:37.05, Versailles A, Ryan Subler (SO) Stuart Baltes (SR) Jack Detrick (SO) Cole Condon (SR); 10th, 1:48.10, Versailles B, Evan Vanskyock (FR) Jarrett Petitjean (SO) Owen Schulz (SO) Mason Ahrens (FR); 18th, 2:10.54, Versailles C, Ethan Davis (JR) Alexander Grilliot (JR) Isaac White (SO) Jonathan Nelson (SO)

100 yard Backstroke: 9th, 1:07.53, Baltes, Stuart; 22nd, 1:33.32, White Isaac

100 yard Breaststroke: 13th, 1:18.29, Schultz, Owen; 15th, 1:20.04, Vanskyock, Evan; 16th, 1:20.16, Ahrens, Mason

400 yard Freestyle Relay: 13th,4:47.04, Versailles A, Evan Vanskyock (FR) Isaac White (SO) Jonathan Nelson (SO) Ethan Davis (JR)

The girls swim team finished eighth out of 10 teams participating at the meet.

Madelyn Holzapfel finished second in the 100 backstroke to lead the Lady Tigers, and the 200 medley relay finished in sixth place.

The girls team scores were as follows: 1st, Milford 301; 2nd, Bellbrook 278; 3rd, Troy 254; 4th, Oxford Talawanda; 5th, Vandalia Butler 242; 6th, Waynesville 226; 7th, Northmont 201; 8th, Versailles 196; 9th, Tipp City 193; 10th Batavia 36.

The girls individual results were as follows:

200 yard Medley Relay: 6th, 2:10.81, Versailles A, Madelyn Holzapfel (FR) Lauren Menke(SO) Alexis Jay (SO) Tori Ahrens (SR); 9th, 2:18.70, Versailles B, Grace Francis (SR) Lauren Monnin (SO) Lucy Prakel (JR) Sara Cavin (SO); 14th, 2:25.14, Versailles C, Courtney Batten (SR) Olivia Waymire (JR) Kasidy Dross (JR) Deanna Day (JR)

200 yard Freestyle: 16th, 2:38.98, Hecht, Courtney; 23rd, 2:57.28, Waymire, Olivia

200 yard IM: 7th, 2:35.41, Holzapfel, Madelyn; 10th, 2:40.00, Jay, Alexis

50 yard Freestyle: 7th, 28.78, Ahrens, Tori; 17th, 30.90, Kruckeberg, Kaia; 31st, 32.91, Rush, Katelyn; 32nd, 33.24, Francis, Chloe; 45th, 35.30, Keiser, Claire; 52nd, 36.69, Gigandet, Melissa; 55th, 37.54, Weber, Emma; 57th, 38.34, Myers, Skylar

100 yard Butterfly: 10th, 1:16.11, Jay, Alexis; 11th, 1:18.70, Prakel, Lucy; 18th, 1:25.85, Francis, Grace

100 yard Freestyle: 11th, 1:05.54, Ahrens, Tori; 17th, 1:10.02, Hecht, Courtney; 20th, 1:12.83, Rush, Katelyn

500 yard Freestyle: 21st, 7:21.24, Batten, Courtney; 22nd, 7:39.09, Monnin, Lauren

200 yard Freestyle Relay: 7th, 1:59.35, Versailles B, Lauren Monnin (SO) Lucy Prakel (JR) Courtney Hecht (FR) Deanna Day (JR); 11th, 2:06.49, Versailles C, Lauren Menke (SO) Grace Francis (SR) Kaia Kruckeberg (JR) Kasidy Dross (JR)

100 yard Backstroke: 2nd, 1:10.78, Holzapfel, Madelyn; 12th, 1:20.60, Batten, Courtney; 19th, 1:29.12, Dross, Kasidy

100 yard Breaststroke: 7th, 1:22.48, Menke, Lauren; 20th, 1:38.47, Monnin, Lauren; 23rd, 1:42.06 Francis, Chloe

400 yard Freestyle Relay: 8th,4:35.99, Versailles A, Deanna Day (JR) Courtney Hecht (FR) Lauren Menke (SO) Sara Cavin (SO); 14th, 5:04.75, Versailles B, Kasidy Dross (JR) Chloe Francis (SR) Courtney Batten (SR) Kaia Kruckeberg (JR); Hannah Bey (JR) Kaia Kruckeberg

“The boys finished in the middle of the pack, but overall they did really good today considering most of these schools are Division I,” Coach Mark Travis said. “The girls did a nice job too considering most of these schools are Division I.”

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