2018 Darke County Fall Sports Athletes of the Year: Ording named Volleyball Player of the Year


VERSAILLES – Elizabeth Ording had an outstanding senior volleyball season in 2018.

Ording totaled 375 kills this season, as well as a hitting percentage of 34.7 percent, 74 blocks, 71 digs and 34 aces among other statistics, but statistics aside, Ording more importantly led her team through a difficult, adversity-filled season that saw the defending Division III state champions close the regular season with a record of 12-10.

However, the difficulty of the Lady Tigers schedule proved worthy as they romped through the postseason with eight consecutive wins over Meadowdale (3-0), Northridge (3-0) and Springfield Northeastern (3-0) to win a sectional title, then beat Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (3-1) for the district championship, then Miami East (3-0) and Marion Pleasant (3-1) for another regional title, then Zoarville Tuscurawas Valley (3-0) in the state semifinals and finally Independence (3-0) for the state championship.

For those reasons and others, Ording is the 2018 Darke County Volleyball Player of the Year.

“She was amazing this year in so many ways,” said Versailles volleyball coach Kenzie Bruggeman. “She not only led by example, but she became one of the vocal leaders out on the court.”

Ording was clutch in several games during the regular season and tournament run. With her strong, left-handed smashes, she was an opponents’ nightmare at the net, but, according to Bruggeman, Ording also became a force on the serving line.

“Three-quarters of the way through the year Liz also became a serving threat for us and played almost 4 out of the 6 rotations for us,” Bruggeman said. “She earned her 1,000th kill this year which was a huge accomplishment for her. She just grew in so many ways and I couldn’t be more proud of her.”

Ording’s senior year was filled with postseason honors including being named to the Division III All-Ohio second team. She also was named to the All-District 9 first team and the All-Midwest Athletic Conference first team.

Some highlights include winning back-to-back state championship (2017, 2018), back-to-back regional championships (2017, 2018), four straight district championships (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018), four straight sectional championships (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018), one Midwest Athletic Conference championship (2016) and being selected to the MAC first team three times (2016, 2017, 2018).

Her career statistics include 1,113 kills, a 38.6 hitting percentage, 168 digs, 243 blocks and 55 aces.

Ording isn’t the only All-Darke County volleyball honoree from Versailles. For many of the same reasons Ording is the POY, Versailles volleyball coach Kenzie Bruggeman is the 2018 Darke County Volleyball Coach of the Year.

With two games to go in the regular season and coming off a loss to Jackson Center, Bruggeman and the Lady Tigers reeled off 10 straight wins to repeat as state champions.

“This year was amazing and I couldn’t be more thankful for the girls and the work that they put in starting back to last April,” Bruggeman said. “They remained driven despite tough circumstances and competition and were playing amazing volleyball by the end of the season. I am truly blessed by God to work with the team I did this year and I am so so proud of every single one of them. It was such a fun season.”

As Player of the Year, Ording is automatically on the Darke County list of first team honorees. She is joined on the first team by teammate Lindsey Winner, as well as Arcanum junior Camille Pohl and freshman Taylor Gray, Franklin-Monroe junior Corina Conley, Greenville senior Shelby Hermann, Mississinawa Valley senior Sidnie Hunt and Tri-Village junior Maddie Downing.

Winners accolades include being named to the Division III All-District 9 and Midwest Athletic Conference first teams.

Pohl was selected also an All-District 9 first team selection in Division III and was named the Player of the Year in the Cross County Conference.

Gray, a freshman, was named to the Division III All-District 9 second team and the Cross County Conference first team.

Conley was named to the Division IV All-District 9 first team and to the first team in the Cross County Conference.

Hermann was selected to the Division II All-District 9 second team, as well as the Greater Western Ohio Conference American League first team.

Hunt was named to the Cross County Conference first team.

Downing received honorable mention on the Division IV All-District 9 team and was named to the Cross County Conference first team.

Several more local volleyball players are named to the Darke County honorable mention list as well.

Ansonia – Trinity Henderson

Arcanum – Audrey Heiser, Macey Hartman, Sadie Sink

Bradford – Macie Reck

Franklin-Monroe – Brigette Filbrun, Kennedy Morris, Chloe Peters, Belle Cable

Greenville – Brooke Stachler

Mississinawa Valley – Olivia Murphy, Riley Price

Tri-Village – Edie Morris, Abbi Lipps

Versailles – Kelsey Custenborder, Caitlin McEldowney

Senior Elizabeth Ording helped lead Versailles to a second consecutive Division III state volleyball championship back in November making her an obvious choice for the 2018 Darke County Volleyball Player of the Year.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Elizabeth-Ording-2-3-1.jpgSenior Elizabeth Ording helped lead Versailles to a second consecutive Division III state volleyball championship back in November making her an obvious choice for the 2018 Darke County Volleyball Player of the Year. Dale Barger | For The Daily Advocate

Versailles volleyball coach Kenzie Bruggeman guided her team to a 20-10 record and a second consecutive Division III state championship back in November which made her an easy choice as the 2018 Darke County Volleyball Coach of the Year.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Kenzie-Bruggeman-1-2-1.jpgVersailles volleyball coach Kenzie Bruggeman guided her team to a 20-10 record and a second consecutive Division III state championship back in November which made her an easy choice as the 2018 Darke County Volleyball Coach of the Year. Dale Barger | For The Daily Advocate

Camille Pohl
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Camille-Pohl-3.jpgCamille Pohl Dale Barger | For The Daily Advocate

Corina Conley
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Corina-Conley-2-1.jpgCorina Conley Dale Barger | For The Daily Advocate

Lindsey Winner
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Lindsey-Winner-3-2.jpgLindsey Winner Dale Barger | For The Daily Advocate

Maddie Downing
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Maddie-Downing-4.jpgMaddie Downing Dale Barger | For The Daily Advocate

Shelby Herrmann
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Shelby-Herrmann-2-1-2.jpgShelby Herrmann Dale Barger | For The Daily Advocate

Sidnie Hunt
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Sidnie_Hunt-4-1.jpgSidnie Hunt Dale Barger | For The Daily Advocate

Taylor Gray
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Taylor-Gray-2-3.jpgTaylor Gray Dale Barger | For The Daily Advocate

https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Elizabeth-Ording-1-3.jpgDale Barger | For The Daily Advocate

By Skip Weaver

[email protected]

2018 Volleyball Statistics


Lindsey Winner, Versailles: 364

Elizabeth Ording, Versailles: 353

Camille Pohl, Arcanum: 329

Corina Conley, Franklin-Monroe: 279

Taylor Gray, Arcanum: 262

Audrey Heiser, Arcanum: 234

Sidnie Hunt, Mississinawa Valley: 226

Chloe Peters, Franklin-Monroe: 209

Emma Klosterman, Greenville: 203

Bianca Keener, Bradford: 195

Maddie Downing, Tri-Village: 171

Raegan Shaffer, Versailles: 153

Olivia Murphy, Mississinawa Valley: 141

Abbie Yoder, Greenville: 129

Meghan Downing, Tri-Village: 127

Madilyn Francis, Greenville: 125

Josi Worden, Greenville: 123

Maria Petry, Tri-Village: 120

Koryann Elliott, Greenville: 118

Buzz Brewer, Bradford: 111

Emily Gariety, Ansonia: 108

Edie Morris, Tri-Village: 107

Chloe McGlinch, Franklin-Monroe: 103

Kloe Zink, Franklin-Monroe: 97

Kelsie Wehr, Tri-Village: 94

Riley Price, Mississinawa Valley: 90

Kassy Wentworth, Ansonia: 80

Chelsea Noggler, Ansonia: 77

Kya Lavy, Misissinawa Valley: 72

Cassi Mead. Bradford: 67

Kenzie Singer, Ansonia: 62

Lindsay Johns, Mississinawa Valley: 62

Emma George, Versailles: 62

Jenna Haney, Arcanum: 58

Kennedy Morris, Franklin-Monroe: 53

Leah Scholl, Mississinawa Valley: 48

Gracie Garno, Arcanum: 45

Aliviyah Boggs, Bradford: 44

Brooke Stonebraker, Versailles: 42

Brigette Filbrun, Franklin-Monroe: 37

Belle Cable, Franklin-Monroe: 34

Breann Lipps, Tri-Village: 34

Erica Gaynor, Bradford: 28

Kelsey Custenborder, Versailles: 28

Karissa Weldy, Bradford: 24

Sadie Sink, Arcanum: 19

Abby Stammen, Versailles: 19

Neleh Schlarmann, Ansonia: 18

Ally Wackler, Bradford: 15

Kylee Winner, Ansonia: 13

Allison Powell, Greenville: 13

Katelynn Marshal, Versailles: 12

Mariah Nicholas, Greenville: 11

Taylor Stachler, Mississinawa Valley: 11


Lindsey Winner, Versailles: 98

Elizabeth Ording, Versailles: 71

Maddie Downing, Tri-Village: 67

Corina Conley, Franklin-Monroe: 65

Kya Lavy, Mississinawa Valley: 61

Emma George, Versailles: 61

Audrey Heiser, Arcanum: 49

Bianca Keener, Bradford: 45

Raegan Shaffer, Versailles: 45

Abbie Yoder, Greenville: 42

Maria Petry, Tri-Village: 39

Jenna Haney, Arcanum: 37

Meghan Downing, Tri-Village: 32

Lindsay Johns, Mississinawa Valley: 28

Kelsey Custenborder, Versailles: 27

Kassy Wentworth, Ansonia: 24

Kennedy Morris, Franklin-Monroe: 21

Chelsea Noggler, Ansonia: 20

Riley Price, Mississinawa Valley: 18

Olivia Murphy, Mississinawa Valley: 18

Breann Lipps, Tri-Village: 17

Madilyn Francis, Greenville: 17

Taylor Gray, Arcanum: 17

Kloe Zink, Franklin-Monroe: 16

Sidnie Hunt, Mississinawa Valley: 15

Abby Stammen, Versailles: 15

Kylee Winner, Ansonia: 14

Brigette Filbrun, Franklin-Monroe: 13

Koryann Elliott, Greenville: 13

Brooke Stonebraker, Versailles: 12

Aliviyah Boggs, Bradford: 10


Trinity Henderson, Ansonia: 558

Shelby Hermann, Greenville: 445

Macie Reck, Bradford: 424

Jadyn Sharp, Tri-Village: 405

Belle Cable, Franklin-Monroe: 372

Macey Hartman, Arcanum: 365

Caitlin McEldowney, Versailles: 342

Camille Pohl, Arcanum: 338

Emily Gariety, Ansonia: 293

Sidnie Hunt, Mississinawa Valley: 270

Kelsie Wehr, Tri-Village: 260

Olivia Murphy, Mississinawa Valley: 243

Chloe Peters, Franklin-Monroe: 242

Kennedy Morris, Franklin-Monroe: 242

Chloe McGlinch, Franklin-Monroe: 220

Brigette Filbrun, Franklin-Monroe: 217

Riley Price, Mississinawa Valley: 215

Sadie Sink, Arcanum: 211

Gracie Garno, Arcanum: 202

Edie Morris, Tri-Village: 201

Leah Scholl, Mississinawa Valley: 201

Taylor Gray, Arcanum: 196

Taylor Stachler, Mississinawa Valley: 187

Alyssa Armock, Ansonia: 172

Aleesha Gates, Ansonia: 163

Alexis Didier, Versailles: 163

Kelsey Custenborder, Versailles: 158

Emma Canan, Bradford: 156

Macy Stewart, Mississinawa Valley: 153

Abby Stammen, Versailles: 152

Maggie Manuel, Bradford: 151

Brooke Stachler, Greenville: 150

Cassi Mead, Bradford: 145

Chloe Cox, Greenville: 139

Kenzie Singer, Ansonia: 139

Buzz Brewer, Bradford: 137

Lindsey Winner, Versailles: 132

Audrey Heiser, Arcanum: 115

Josi Worden, Greenville: 114

Sarah Abell, Greenville: 105

Abbi Lipps, Tri-Village: 95

Maddie Downing, Tri-Village: 93

Lucie Morris, Tri-Village: 92

Lindsay Johns, Mississinawa Valley: 85

Corina Conley, Franklin-Monroe: 79

Janessa Koffer, Franklin-Monroe: 74

Elizabeth Ording, Versailles: 69

Eva Siculan, Arcanum: 67

Kya Lavy, Mississinawa Valley: 62

Heidi Runkel, Ansonia: 61

Breann Lipps. Tri-Village: 58

Bianca Keener, Bradford: 57

Raegan Shaffer, Versailles: 56

Chelsea Noggler, Ansonia: 55

Libby McKinney, Greenville: 55

Kassy Wentworth, Ansonia: 53

Madilyn Francis, Greenville: 53

Paige Platfoot, Versailles: 51

Kendall Hill, Bradford: 48

Kate Griesdorn, Versailles: 47

Koryann Elliott, Greenville: 46

Emma Klosterman, Greenville: 45

Allison Powell, Greenville: 39

Rebecca Knapke, Versailles: 36

Abbie Yoder, Greenville: 35

Kylee Winner, Ansonia: 34

Erica Gaynor, Bradford: 28

Neleh Schlarmann, Ansonia: 25

Jenna Haney, Arcanum: 25

Kloe Zink, Franklin-Monroe: 22

Ally Wackler, Bradford: 21

Meghan Downing, Tri-Village: 21

Brooke Stonebraker, Versailles: 21

Regan Blinn, Arcanum: 20

Makenzie Knore, Versailles: 20

Rylee Marker, Ansonia: 16

Emma George, Versailles: 16

Tristian Booker, Bradford: 15

Karissa Weldy, Bradford: 11

Aliviyah Boggs, Bradford: 11


Kelsey Custenborder, Versailles: 762

Sadie Sink, Arcanum: 475

Brooke Stachler, Greenville: 456

Taylor Gray, Arcanum: 342

Brigette Filbrun, Franklin-Monroe: 319

Kennedy Morris, Franklin-Monroe: 297

Abbi Lipps, Tri-Village: 278

Sidnie Hunt, Mississinawa Valley: 261

Olivia Murphy, Mississinawa Valley: 257

Lucie Morris, Tri-Village: 246

Cassi Mead, Bradford: 244

Heidi Runkel, Ansonia: 194

Libby McKinney, Greenville: 185

Buzz Brewer, Bradford: 130

Rylie Marker, Ansonia: 120

Makenzie Knore, Versailles: 117

Chloe McGlinch, Franklin-Monroe: 73

Eva Siculan, Arcanum: 48

Caitlin McEldowney, Versailles: 40

Allison Powell, Greenville: 32

Leah Scholl, Mississinawa Valley: 30

Gracie Garno, Arcanum: 24

Riley Price, Mississinawa Valley: 24

Emily Gariety, Ansonia: 19

Corina Conley, Franklin-Monroe: 17

Stella Shellabarger, Franklin-Monroe: 17

Lindsay Johns, Mississinawa Valley: 17

Chloe Peters, Franklin-Monroe: 15

Madilyn Francis, Greenville: 15

Kendall Hill, Bradford: 14

Erica Gaynor, Bradford: 14

Taylor Stachler, Mississinawa Valley: 12

Chelsea Noggler, Ansonia: 11

Alyssa Armock, Ansonia: 11

Camille Pohl, Arcanum: 10

Elizabeth Ording, Versailles: 10

Lindsey Winner, Versailles: 10


Shelby Hermann, Greenville: 53

Sidnie Hunt, Mississinawa Valley: 51

Taylor Gray, Arcanum: 43

Brooke Stachler, Greenville: 40

Sadie Sink, Arcanum: 38

Camille Pohl, Arcanum: 38

Chloe McGlinch, Franklin-Monroe: 38

Emily Gariety, Ansonia: 35

Caitlin McEldowney, Versailles: 35

Alexis Didier, Versailles: 35

Josi Worden, Greenville: 34

Elizabeth Ording, Versailles: 33

Kelsie Singer, Ansonia: 33

Corina Conley, Franklin-Monroe: 33

Kassy Wentworth, Ansonia: 31

Kya Lavy, Mississinawa Valley: 29

Chloe Cox, Greenville: 27

Kennedy Morris, Franklin-Monroe: 26

Chloe Peters, Franklin-Monroe: 26

Abby Stammen, Versailles: 26

Brigette Filbrun, Franklin-Monroe: 25

Edie Morris, Tri-Village: 24

Jadyn Sharp, Tri-Village: 24

Lucie Morris, Tri-Village: 24

Kelsey Custenborder, Versailles: 24

Olivia Murphy, Mississinawa Valley: 22

Leah Scholl, Mississinawa Valley: 22

Belle Cable, Franklin-Monroe: 22

Lindsey Winner, Versailles: 22

Maggie Manuel, Bradford: 21

Bianca Keener, Bradford: 21

Audrey Heiser, Arcanum: 20

Taylor Stachler, Mississinawa Valley: 18

Riley Price, Mississinawa Valley: 18

Abbi Lipps, Tri-Village: 16

Gracie Garno, Arcanum: 16

Madilyn Francis, Greenville: 16

Cassi Mead, Bradford: 15

Maddie Downing, Tri-Village: 15

Kelsie Wehr, Tri-Village: 15

Buzz Brewer, Bradford: 14

Emma Canan, Bradford: 14

Paige Platfoot, Versailles: 13

Heidi Runkel, Ansonia: 12

Kate Griesdorn, Versailles: 10

The Daily Advocate sports editor Skip Weaver can be reached at (937) 569-4316 or by email at [email protected]. You can also follow him on Twitter at @skipweaver65.

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