Todd Gasper is the new youth pastor at Ansonia United Methodist Church


ANSONIA – Ansonia United Methodist Church, 200 W. High St. in Ansonia, announced that Todd Gasper, a resident of Union City, is the new youth pastor at the church.

Gasper has had a great deal of experience serving the Lord through “Courtside Ministries” in downtown Greenville and with the Darke County chapter of Youth for Christ, church officials said. With Youth for Christ, Gasper has worked closely with Josh Stefanow, youth pastor at Ansonia First Church of God, in weekly meetings with teens at Ansonia and Mississinawa Valley schools.

When asked for some background on his life, Gasper said, “Just say it was good, then really bad, then really good.”

Gasper has a background that he isn’t always proud of, he said, but God has turned him around and completely changed who he is. Gasper now has a real passion for serving the Lord, he said.

The coming year will be a building year at Ansonia as Gasper works to get to know the teens and families of the church by hosting lots of fun activities but also incorporating times of learning and Biblical study.

“I want to help these teens learn to deal with all the things in their life,” Gasper said. “They have to deal with peer pressure and drugs and sex and a whole lot of other issues.”

Ansonia UMC is excited about the addition and looking forward to the ministries Gasper will bring, church officials said. After joining the staff on Dec. 1, Gasper has already had a positive effect on the members of the church who appreciate his spiritual attitudes, church officials said.

“Todd said that he won’t be doing anything with the youth,” Roger Emerson, pastor at Ansonia UMC, said. “He said God will be working with the youth by using him.”

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