Bradford receives bids on street project


BRADFORD — Bradford Village Administrator Rick Looker updated the Bradford Council on the Harrison Avenue reconstruction project during its meeting on Thursday evening, saying the village received 10 bids for the construction portion of the project.

Out of the 10 bids, Looker said that around four of them came in below the estimated costs for the project.

“There’s some good candidates there,” Looker said.

He said the village and its engineer, Brice Schmitmeyer of Access Engineering, will look over the bids before advising the council on who they think would be best contractor to work on the project.

“We’re going to make sure all of the documents are in line,” Looker said.

Later during the meeting, the council approved an additional $9,000 in engineering costs for additional design work for the Harrison Avenue project. In addition to reconstructing Harrison Avenue and replacing the water and sanitary sewer lines on Harrison, the reconstruction project also will include replacing sanitary sewer lines on side streets as part of the project, such as on Vine, Church, James, Smithfield and Elm streets.

The project will be funded with $50,000 from a Community Development Block Grant allocation; $280,000 from another CDBG grant; $405,000 from a Ohio Public Works Commission grant; $405,000 from an OPWC loan and $630,000 of local funds.

Also during Looker’s report, he advised the council that he and another village employee will attend a forum on wastewater inflow and infiltration. He said the village plans on looking at addressing infiltration issues that the village has in its wastewater system as the village’s wastewater treatment plant has sewage volumes higher than the amount of water that the water treatment plant is producing.

“Every month on an average, we generated probably four to five times more at the wastewater plant than we produced at the water plant,” Looker said about last year’s water volumes.

He said the village had more water going through its wastewater treatment plant than Versailles.

Looker said the village’s infiltration and inflow issues could be caused by a number of potential problems, such as a break in one of the lines, yard or field drains or unknown houses feeding into it.

Looker also advised the council on a project to replace and ground the electrical boxes in the park, which has been delayed to this year due an issue with the vendor. The village also has found that there is currently not enough electricity going to the park to replace those electrical boxes with the ones previously chosen. He said he would advise the council on possible options for the project, such as increasing the power to the park, after he meets with the vendor again.

Also during their meeting, the council approved resolutions authorizing a 3 percent wage increase for village employees and also increasing the weekend call-in pay from $40 a day to $75 a day.

The council also approved contracting with attorney Mike Gutmann as the village solicitor. The contract amount was for $6,000, which was not an increase from last year.

The council approved waiving the three-reading rule on all legislation that required it.

During public comment, a resident asked if she could change the address of property she owns on the 100 block of James Street to a Harrison Avenue address. She said it was due to wanting to put in a gas line to heat a garage on the property, and the garage is located closer to Harrison Avenue than James Street. The council approved the request, authorizing Looker to pick an appropriate street number for the new address.

The council’s ordinance committee will meet at 6 p.m. Jan. 15 in the municipal building.

By Sam Wildow

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