Covington author to present his first book at J.R. Clarke Public Library


COVINGTON – Covington author Don Angle will be at J.R. Clarke Public Library beginning at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 29 to present his new photo essay book, “Finding Light in the Shadows.”

Pictured in the book is the maiden voyage of his family’s homemade family adventure raft. From the start of this project, Angle and his family were all in this project together and hoping it floats.

Seeing this book finished gives Angle a similar thrill. It also was a group effort and never would have happened without encouragement and editing advice from his wife, family and friends.

Patrons can come join Angle in his Reader’s Theatre as he takes guests on a photo journey. He will share the good news of his Christian walk throughout the book. Angle is an experienced photographer and the pictures of this journey will be on screen.

This opportunity to share in Angle’s success will be in the lower level Community Room at J.R. Clarke Public Library. Light refreshments will be served.

A new Adult Winter Reading Club will begin on Feb. 1 and run through March 31. The library’s adults are wonderful readers and give the staff at J.R. Clarke Public Library many wonderful recommendations of books they think will be of interest to community members, staff members said.

Each adult participant will write their own name and the name of the book just read on a ticket and place the ticket in a large jar. At the end of Winter Reading Club, the top 10 readers will be rewarded with prizes for their reading accomplishments such as gift cards and a variety of other items from which to choose.

The Award Day will be at 6 p.m. April 2 in the Community Room. Readers who attend will be able to choose their own prize. Patrons can contact the library at 473-2226 with any questions.

Patrons can attend at 11 a.m. Feb. 2 in the lower level Community Room of J.R. Clarke Public Library for the second session on essential oils class and will experience several ways to use them. The title for this session is “Emotional Wellness with Essential Oils.” Robbin Adams will be the instructor and is a registered nurse.

Each Essential Item made will be $5. Usually there are two items from which to choose or patrons can do both. Light refreshments served. Patrons can sign-up in advance by calling the library at 937-473-2226 or come on in.

J.R. Clarke Public Library has an immense number of digital resources and databases for its patrons to utilize. Cherie Roeth will present this topic at 1 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Feb. 7. Individuals will laptops are asked to bring them but those who do not still can gain some interesting information. Showcased will be the following two new subscription databases: A to Z the USA and A to Z the World.

These two sessions are for middle school children through adults of any age. J.R. Clarke Public Library also will highlight its genealogy website and databases..

Anyone with questions may contact Roeth at 937-473-2226. Sign-ups are appreciated, and patrons can come on in to the library or call in to get their name on the list.

A new beginning knitting class will begin at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 2. All participants need to bring a set of knitting needles and yarn. All of the expertise and experienced instruction will be provided. Guests will meet in the lower level Community Room. All crochet members are welcome, too.

Director Cherie Roeth has a special time planned for all homeschooling parents or anyone interested in what the public library can do for them, their children and their family.

Roeth will talk about how J.R. Clarke Public Library can integrate skills and subject areas through the resources that the library offers. In addition, there will be a brainstorming session on what additional skills or activities parents would like their children to experience.

J.R. Clarke Public Library also has many free digital databases that can complement the homeschooling curriculum. Types of art, musical experiences, photography and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and math) and Muse Machine will be discussed.

The homeschooling session will be at 12:30 p.m. Feb. 9. The location will be the lower Community Room. Individuals can sign-up in advance by contacting the library at 937-473-2226 or by stopping in.

If the library knows how many children will be present and their ages, it will provide some activities for them during the meeting. Light refreshments also will be served.

Patrons can hold meetings at 1 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Feb. 12 to discuss book clubs. Individuals are asked to sign up in advance, and walk-ins are welcome. Patrons can come to the library or call 937-473-2226.

Snacks are provided during the book clubs. The clubs sometimes take field trips, go out to eat, invite authors to their meetings or watch a movie about the book they read.

A weekly Growing and Evolving StoryTime is open on Tuesdays for children ages 3 to 5. Laurie Deubner, retired educator, is the teacher, and Sherry Angle is her substitute and assistant.

They have just finished learning about what animals do in winter. Next group members will enjoy Jan Brett books. Guests will keep exploring and predicting what will happen next by using the book illustrations and what they have just read.

Patrons and childcare providers can call the library or stop by and sign-up children. Pre-kindergarten development skills are taught. For further information, contact the library staff or director at 937-473-2226.

J.R. Clarke Public Library offers everyone an opportunity to checkout and take a telescope home and explore the skies. Brukner Nature Center’s Stillwater Stargazers have designed a family friendly telescope that all patrons ages 18 and older can take home for a week. Each patron would require a valid J.R. Clarke Public Library card, a current photo ID and a $10 holding fee. The $10 would be returned upon the safe return of the telescope.

The Stillwater Stargazers have made this opportunity a goal of their organization to spread the word and love of gazing at the many planets, star clusters and other heavenly bodies. Members have taken the main telescope and added several safety features that make the telescope not only easy to use but also safer and less likely to break.

The Stargazers also designed a monthly newsletter, “SkySights for the Month,” for all users that tell what to view in the sky during a specific season or time period.

J.R. Clarke Public Library can sign-up anyone wanting to use the telescope six months in advance. Recently, staff librarians at J.R. Clarke Public Library were trained on how to use the telescope and also how to protect and handle the telescope once it leaves the library. Patrons can call or stop in and sign-up for this free service.

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