Neave Township plans cemetery spring clean-up


NEAVE TOWNSHIP – The Neave Township trustees announced their yearly cemetery spring clean-up for the cemeteries in Neave Township, including Oak Grove, Pioneer, West Branch and East Zion.

Families and loved ones are asked to remove all decorations and items on and around the gravesites by March 16 so the grounds can be properly maintained. The items include, but are not limited to, shepherd’s hooks or similar type of decorations and flowers not attached or sitting on a monument.

Due to the upcoming mowing season, the trustees encourage cooperation of all those who are involved with and/or visit loved ones in the cemeteries to pay particular attention to the rules listed. There is to be no trespassing after dark, no planting of any kind on lots and no rock edging or digging.

When placing arrangements on gravesites, all arrangements must be in the vase attached to the marker or a monument saddle arrangement. The only exception will be Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Christmas. All arrangements not in the vases or attached to the base monument must be removed or the arrangements can be removed by cemetery caretakers one week following these special occasions.

Anyone who has questions in regards to the cemeteries in Neave Township should call one of the trustees – Keith Godown, Ty House or Walter Wiant – or the Oak Grove Cemetery Sexton James Penny.

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