Twin Township trustees encourage clean up of Ithaca Cemetery


TWIN TOWNSHIP – The Twin Township trustees encouraged everyone to remove old decorations and items from Ithaca Cemetery gravesites.

Due to the upcoming mowing season, individuals are strongly encouraged to pay particular attention to the rules listed below. Individuals’ assistance is aiding the trustees with the upkeep of the grounds and markers is greatly encouraged and appreciated, officials said.

  • No trespassing after dark; cemetery open dawn to dusk.
  • No planting of any kind on lots except grass seed.
  • All flowers and wreaths permitted on graves only one week before and two weeks after Memorial Day.
  • Any faded or unkept decorations will be removed.
  • All flowers and saddles that can be blown away by the wind should have the name of the grave on it. All grave decorations lying on the ground and unmarked will be placed by the barn (temporarily) and then discarded at a later date at the convenience of the cemetery staff.
  • Regulations are posted at the cemetery.

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