Vectren encourages safety awareness during National Safe Digging Month


EVANSVILLE, Ind. – As part of its ongoing safety awareness practices for safe digging, Vectren Energy Delivery is partnering with the Common Ground Alliance to commemorate April as National Safe Digging Month and encourage customers to follow safe digging practices.

Safe digging practices not only prevent damage and service interruptions for underground utilities like natural gas, electric and water but also help keep those doing the work safe.

“Whether it’s a small project, such as planting shrubs, or a commercial building project, customers should call 811 at least two working days before digging,” said Ashley Babcock, director of Damage Prevention and Public Awareness. “By calling 811 to have the underground utility lines in their area marked, homeowners and professionals are making an important decision that can help keep them and their communities safe.”

In the event a gas line has been struck or ruptured outside of a home or business, customers are reminded of the following:

· Leave the area of the gas leak immediately, as well as areas where the odor of gas is noticeable.

· Do not attempt to re-start or move powered equipment.

· Call Vectren to report the leak. The party responsible for the damage to the gas line should also call 911 and report the incident to police and/or fire officials and the state’s 811 center.

· Remain in a safe area until emergency personnel arrive and do not enter the home/business or neighboring premises.

Visit for more information about 811 and the call-before-you-dig process. For more information on natural gas safety, visit

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