Champions made, records broken at CCC


WEST ALEXANDRIA – Darke County schools had several champions in the Cross County Conference (CCC) Track & Field Championship and new conference records were set in a few events.

Arcanum’s Tanner Delk earned CCC championships in two events, including a CCC conference record, for the Trojans. Delk’s top run came in the 3200 meter run with a time of 9:46.50, which broke the previous record set a decade ago by nearly 10 seconds. His other championship came in the 1600 meter run with a time of 4:37.10.

Aidan O’Brien continued Arcanum’s strong showing with a victory in the girls 100 meter hurdles. She finished nearly eight-tenths of second in front of second place. O’Brien also finished second in the 300 meter hurdles.

Austin Bruner took the top spot in the 100 meter dash for Tri-Village. In a tight finish with Newton’s Ethan Cook, Bruner took the victory by three one-hundredths of a second. Bruner got his second championship in the 400 meter dash. This time it was by four one-hundredths of a second over Covington’s Andrew Cates. His third championship came in the 200 meter dash. Bruner finished with a time of 23.24.

Ansonia’s girls 4×100 relay team took the title by nearly two seconds. The team included Cierra Rosinski, Mariah Troutwine, Kierra Reichert and Hannah Wilson.

Mariah Troutwine brought home the gold in the 300 meter hurdles for Ansonia. She recorded a time of 49.13.

Bradford’s Jacob McQuinn set a school record while capturing a championship in boys discus. His winning throw was 14-feet further than his closest competitor. McQuinn hit 154’ 6”.

Tri-Village’s Maria Petry and Lissa Siler took first and second in girls long jump with leaps of 16’ 9” and 16’ 3.5”.

Selene Weaver, of Franklin Monroe, earned a championship in pole vault with a vault of 10’.

Ansonia’s Matthew Shook took the boys pole vault title with a leap of 14’ 6”.

Arcanum girls were the highest scoring Darke County team with a third place finish. On the boys side, Ansonia and Arcanum were the highest placing county teams with a tie for fifth.

Miami East won the girls competition with 137.5 points. Covington finished second with 107 points. The rest of the field included Arcanum, Twin Valley South, Ansonia, Bethel, Newton, Tri-Village, Bradford, Franklin Monroe, Tri-County North and National Trail

Twin Valley South boys won the event with 132 events and were followed by Newton. Finishing four points behind Newton for a tie for third place was Miami East and Covington. The rest of the field included Ansonia and Arcanum at fifth, Tri-Village, Bethel, National Trail, Tri-County North, Bradford and Franklin Monroe.

The following is the point winners for each event (listed first through eighth).

Girls 4×800 Meter Relay – Miami East (10:52.65), Bethel, Twin Valley South Newton, Arcanum, Franklin Monroe, Ansonia, Tri-County North

Boys 4×800 Meter Relay – Twin Valley South (8:31.70), Miami East, Arcanum, Covington, Bethel, Newton, National Trail, Franklin Monroe

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles – Aidan O’Brien, Arcanum (17.01); Morgan Kimmel, Covington; Abigail Utsinger, Twin Valley; Maria Staton, Miami East; Abby Gade, Bradford; Brooke Calhoun, Tri-County North; Olivia Michalke, Newton; Tori Quinter, Covington

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles – Cameron Stine, Newton (15.56); Brock Shellhaas, Ansonia; William Bowman, Twin Valley; Aaron Lawerence, Miami East; Mason Dreischarf, Tri-County North; Cade Schmelzer, Covington; Logan White, Twin Valley South; Tristen O’Brien, Arcanum

Girls 100 Meter Dash – Gabrielle Hawkins, Miami East (12.84); Cierra Rosinski, Ansonia; Morgan Lowe, Covington; Josie DesAutels, Miami East; Hannah Wilson, Ansonia; Mercedes Smith, Bradford; Madison Johnson, Twin Valley South; Makiah Newport, Twin Valley South

Boys 100 Meter Dash – Austin Bruner, Tri-Village (11.47); Ethan Cook, Newton; Justin Brown, Miami East; Josh Ecklebarger, Newton; Cade Cottingim, Twin Valley South; Logan Lowe, Covington; Michael Crews, Twin Valley South; Ethan Saunders, Bradford

Girls 4×200 Meter Relay – Covington (1:53.80), Miami East, Twin Valley South, Tri-County North, Newton, Arcanum, Franklin Monroe

Boys 4×200 Meter Relay – Covington (1:34.41), Twin Valley South, Miami East, Newton, Tri-County North, Franklin Monroe, Bethel, Arcanum

Girls 1600 Meter Run – Kaitlyn Balkcom, Bethel (5:41.40); Zoe Utsinger, Twin Valley South; Paxton Hunley, Miami East; McKenna Downing, Newton; Katelyn Walters, Newton; Kylie Balkcom, Bethel; Paige Blauvelt, Miami East; Lauren Sargeant, National Trail

Boys 1600 Meter Run – Tanner Delk, Arcanum (4:37.10); Cole Brannan, Bethel; Bennett Welborn, Covington; Landen Kreusch, Arcanum; Cameron Richter, Miami East; Kyle Saul, Twin Valley South; Trent Schweikhadt, Bethel; Harley Ketring, Tri-Village

Girls 4×100 Meter Relay – Ansonia (52.53), Miami East, Twin Valley South, Covington, Tri-County North, Arcanum, Newton, Bradford

Boys 4×100 Meter Relay – Newton Local, Miami East, Ansonia, Covington, Twin Valley South, Franklin Monroe, Bethel, Tri-County North

Girls 400 Meter Dash – Gabrielle Hawkins, Miami East (1:00.49); Mercedes Smith, Bradford; Paige Boehringer, Covington; Rachel Larsen, Bethel; Kierra Reichert, Ansonia; Emily Adkins, Miami East; Morgan Harrod, Twin Valley South; Mackenzie Bacher, Tri-County North

Boys 400 Meter Dash – Austin Bruner, Tri-Village (50.90); Andrew Cates, Covington; Chris Keener, Twin Valley South; Logan Warner, Ansonia; Gray Harshbarger, Covington; Aaron Clark, Twin Valley South; Wyatt Leet, Bethel; Greg Austerman, Miami East

Girls 300 Meter Hurdles – Mariah Troutwine, Ansonia (49.13); Aidan O’Brien, Arcanum; Morgan Kimmel, Covington; Meredith Butsch, Tri-Village; Abby Gade, Bradford; Grace Lawson, Miami East; Abigail Utsinger, Twin Valley South; Maria Staton, Miami East

Boys 300 Meter Hurdles – Cameron Stine, Newton (41.93); Mason Dreischarf, Tri-County North; Cade Schmelzer, Covington; William Bowman, Twin Valley South; Bryce Adamson, Miami East; Tristen O’Brien, Arcanum; Ethan Fischer, Ansonia; Deacon Shields, Covington

Girls 800 Meter Run – Natalie Bair, Miami East (2:33.50); McKenna Downing, Newton; Tori Derstine, Bradford; Ashlyn Monnin, Miami East; Katelyn Walters, Newton; Rachel Wright, Arcanum; Jasie Sarver, Twin Valley South; Olivia Wright, Ansonia

Boys 800 Meter Run – Brandan Wright, Twin Valley South (2:06.40); Kyle Saul, Twin Valley South; Greg Austerman, Miami East; Harley Ketring, Tri-Village; Fletcher Metz, Covington; Warrick Reck, Covington; Jayden Hatcher, Miami East; Griffin Cates, Arcanum

Girls 200 Meter Dash – Gabrielle Hawkins, Miami East (26.89); Morgan Lowe, Covington; Cierra Rosinski, Ansonia; Josie DesAutels, Miami East; Sidney Mowell, Twin Valley South; Mercedes Smith, Bradford; Natalie Morman, Bethel; Morgan Harrod, Twin Valley South

Boys 200 Meter Dash – Austin Bruner, Tri-Village (23.24); Josh Ecklebarger, Newton; Alex Shaffer, Covington; Logan Warner, Ansonia; Ethan Saunders, Bradford; Logan Alexander, Ansonia; Cade Cottingim, Twin Valley

Girls 3200 Meter Run – Kaitlyn Balkcom, Bethel (12:36.20); Zoe Utsinger, Twin Valley South; Kylie Balkcom, Bethel; Paige Blauvelt, Miami East; Olivia Wright, Ansonia; Elora Sudduth, Arcanum; Niveka Gregg Arcanum

Boys 3200 Meter Run – Tanner Delk, Arcanum (9:46.50 CCC Meet Record); Cole Brannan, Bethel; Josh Bishop, National Trail; Owen Via, Newton; Cameron Richter, Miami East; Aaron Cole, Twin Valley South; Landen Kreusch, Arcanum; Kaleb Roberts, Bethel

Girls 4×400 Meter Relay – Covington (4:19.52), Miami East, Ansonia, Newton, Arcanum, Twin Valley South, Franklin Monroe

Boys 4×400 Meter Relay – Twin Valley South (3:37.09), Covington, Ansonia, Newton, Miami East, Arcanum, Tri-Village, Tri-County North

Girls Discus Throw – Rachel Ondera, Miami East (132-09 CCC Meet Record); Lauren Christian, Covington; Morgan Best, Arcanum; Trista Hollinger, Arcanum; Maggie Johnson, Twin Valley South; Hannah Marzolf, Bethel; Tori Wickham, Ansonia; Maddie Bennett, Tri-Village

Boys Discus Throw – Jacob McQuinn, Bradford (154-06); Dawson Hildebrand, Newton; Christian Loveless, Twin Valley South; Ryan Teale, Miami East; Logan Cook, Twin Valley South; Chase Werling, Arcanum; James Horn, Miami East; Dylan Tucker, Franklin Monroe

Girls High Jump – Lillian Hamilton Covington (5’); tied for second Kayla Mitchell, Covington and Meredith Butsch, Tri-Village; fourth Maria Petry, Tri-Village; tied for fifth Liza Bair, Miami East and Audrey Heiser, Arcanum; seventh Hayden Parsons, Bethel; tied for eighth Alicia Dunning, Newton and Brielle Gatrell, Bethel

Boys High Jump – Jayden Bassler, Twin Valley (6’ 4”); Kadin Presser, Covington; Justin Brown, Miami East; Layne Sarver, Tri-Village; Tyler Fraley, Covington; Logan Clark, Twin Valley South; Ashton Etherington, Arcanum; Logan Alexander, Ansonia

Girls Long Jump – Maria Petry, Tri-Village (16’ 9”); Lissa Siler, Tri-Village; Sidney Mowell, Twin Valley South; Madison Johnson, Twin Valley; Maci White, Covington; Alyssa Kimmel, Covington; Hayden Parsons, Bethel; Brielle Gatrell, Bethel

Boys Long Jump – Travis Hunt, National Trail (21’ 4.5”); Ethan Cook, Newton; Justin Brown, Miami East; Kadin Presser, Covington; Jacob Ray, National Trail; William Bowman, Twin Valley South; Brennan Troutwine, Arcanum; Josh Ecklebarger, Newton

Girls Shot Put – Lauren Christian, Covington (41’ 11.5”); Morgan Best, Arcanum; Maddie Bennett, Tri-Village; Trista Hollinger, Arcanum; Amber Kinnison, Miami East; Cait Gilland, National Trail; Gretchen Frock, Miami East; Hannah Berry, Franklin Monroe

Boys Shot Put – Dawson Hildebrand, Newton (56’ 4.5”); Dillon Howard, Twin Valley South; Ryan Teale, Miami East; Sam Pritchard, Covington; Brendan Dalton, Miami East; Ben Combs, Twin Valley South; Jacob McQuinn, Bradford; Paul Rammel, Arcanum

Girls Pole Vault – Selene Weaver, Franklin Monroe (10’); Eliza Smith, Arcanum; Rylie Resides, Newton; Ellery Reck, Covington; Mariah Troutwine, Ansonia; Bridget Paton, Miami East; and tied for seventh Natalie Bair, Miami East, Kendra Kern, Newton and Kendall Hill, Bradford

Boys Pole Vault – Matthew Shook Ansonia (14’ 6”); tied for second Blaine Brokschmidt, Miami East, and Brock Shellhaas, Ansonia; fourth Kyle Saul, Twin Valley; fifth Matthew Cornett, Twin Valley; sixth Griffin Cates, Arcanum; seventh Trace Lavy, Newton; eighth Hunter Pahl, Tri-County North

By Ryan Berry

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