Apple Farm helping fair


TROY – The Miami County Agricultural Society received a big blue present last week from Apple Farm Service; a new tractor. A New Holland T5.110 was delivered to the Miami County Fairgrounds on Monday, June 10 for the next six months. This 114 horse-power tractor will be used for numerous tasks around the grounds, such as mowing, raking the track, maintaining the barns, and anything else where a utility tractor can help.

“We’ve already had fun putting this tractor to work,” said Nick Shellenberger, president of the Miami County Agricultural Society. “We’re thankful that Apple Farm Service thought of us when they ordered this utility tractor!”

The Miami County Fairgrounds will be allowed to use this new tractor for six months thanks to a community involvement project between New Holland and their local dealerships.

“Apple Farm Service is glad to give back to the Miami County Ag Society,” said Bill Apple, president of Apple Farm Service. “New Holland enjoys working with local dealerships to help their community through programs such as these. The traditions and memories at the Miami County Fair are something we believe in and want to preserve. We’re glad to help in any way we can.”

After six months this New Holland T5.110 will find a new home. A well-deserving farmer can take this tractor home with a sizable discount and all the perks of a new tractor, including a new warranty. However, for now, this blue tractor will help the Miami County Ag Society get ready for another summer of events.

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