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GREENVILLE – The history of Anna Bier dates back to the early 1900’s. She was an art teacher for much of her life, dedicated to inspiring our youth by encouraging free expression through the world of visual arts. Upon her death, Miss Bier’s charitable spirit lived on. She willed her home and all of its contents to the future hope that Greenville would become “a place where people of all colors, all creeds, and all walks of life could work for the development of artistic skills and higher cultural standards for their community”.

The mission of the Anna Bier Art Gallery is to continue her vision and promote art education through workshops, exhibits and annual events connecting the visual arts community to the wider public. Creative workshops are provided for adults and children in a setting designed to inspire while providing a fun and educational experience for all ages and abilities. The Gallery provides a unique venue, where exhibits can be enjoyed by art enthusiasts and patrons aligned with performances held by the Darke County Center for the Arts. It also provides connections between those exhibitions and local events, all while raising awareness on the positive impact of visual arts in our community.

“As the Director of the Anna Bier Gallery, I would like to personally thank the gallery members and gracious sponsors of our community for their continued support and encouragement as we close this season and excitedly prepare for the next. A variety of incredible exhibits were showcased throughout the year including Darke County’s historical editorial and political cartoon artist, Paul Ackley. We also enjoyed the beautiful and bold collage works of Marsha Pippenger, the unique paint/collage works of Jane Dippold, and the alluring landscape photography of Jim Crotty. In addition, we held our Second Annual Elementary Art Exhibit, made possible by the Darke County Foundation, the Ketrow Foundation and Steve and Eileen Litchfield. This exhibit reflected the works of children between Kindergarten and Sixth grades with a beautiful display of creative talent across the board. And last but not least, our Annual High School Exhibit concluded the season with an inspirational showcase. We are so thankful for the annual sponsorship of Ray and Bettye Laughlin as well as the Harry D. and Esther Stephens Memorial, both for their incredible generosity. We would also like to thank the Darke County Endowment for the Arts for the annual funding of the Art Start Program, which allows the gallery to distribute funds to each of our county high school art departments. Thank you to all of the art teachers who inspire and encourage these students to discover their passion and artistic expression and congratulations to those chosen to exhibit with us,” said Tamera McNulty.

In addition to exhibits, they have added many adult and children’s workshops throughout the year. Most recently, with special thanks to Wes and Patti Jetter for their generous sponsorship, they have initiated the Anna Bier Art Club, an after school program for children. They are still in the trial/planning phases of this program but will have more information as the fall season approaches. They are grateful for the opportunity to offer these art-enhancing amenities to our community.

The Anna Bier Gallery exhibits and events are made possible through the gracious support of Second National Bank, Darke County Endowment for the Arts, Ketrow Foundation, Lydia E. Schaurer Memorial Trust Fund, Harry D. and Esther Stephens Memorial, Darke County Foundation, and through all the generous contributions of our loyal members and sponsors. They thank them. All exhibits are free to the public. The Gallery will be open every day by appointment. Contact Tamera McNulty, executive director, at 937-564-5863, to visit the gallery or for any questions. You may also visit them on Facebook for more information.

The Anna Bier Art Gallery brings in wonderful displays throughout the year. Anna Bier Art Gallery brings in wonderful displays throughout the year. Courtesy photo

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