Suspected drunk driver hits parked cars


GREENVILLE – A driver was arrested for the suspicion of OVI Friday morning after losing control of his vehicle and hitting two parked cars. At approximately 3:05 a.m., emergency personnel from Greenville City Fire Department and Greenville Township Rescue as well as officers from the Greenville Police Department were called to the 740 block of Martin Street in regards to a possible accident with injuries.

According to the Greenville Police Department, a preliminary investigation into the crash has revealed that a Ford Explorer was traveling westbound on Martin Street when the driver lost control of the vehicle and passed left of center. The Ford Explorer collided with a Dodge Caliber parked in front of 749 Martin Street. The car was then pushed into and damaged a Dodge Journey. The Dodge Caliber spun after the contact and came to rest across the sidewalk and in the lawn located in front of 745 Martin Street. The Ford Explorer continued westbound before traveling off the right side of the street coming to rest in the front lawn of 746 Martin Street.

The unidentified driver of the Ford Explorer, as well as his female front seat passenger, were both examined on the scene by Greenville Township Rescue prior to refusing any further treatment and transport to a medical facility. Greenville Police Officers, having reasonable suspicion of the use of alcohol, asked the driver of the Explorer to perform a field sobriety test in which he performed poorly. The driver was arrested for the suspicion of OVI and transported from the scene by Greenville Police.

The incident will remain under investigation by the Greenville Police Department.

The driver of this Ford Explorer was arrested for suspected OVI. driver of this Ford Explorer was arrested for suspected OVI. Jim Comer |

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