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To some of you people this may come as quite the surprise. The flags that are placed on the circle are actual veterans’ funeral flags. These same flags were placed on the coffins of our fallen brothers and sisters. They are then folded with honor and care and presented to the veteran’s family, be it a spouse, parent, sibling, or next of kin.

These flags are donated by the families, to be displayed with pride, on the circle every Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day.

Some of you seem to believe these flags are placed by the city employees. They are not. These flags of honor are placed by the members and veterans of Erk Cottrell Post 140 of the American Legion. They have, since the inception of this tradition some 40-plus years ago, been placed by this veterans organization. I have been informed that people on the Internet (Facebook) argue that fact and continue to say the city places them.

We’ve had some city employees’ help; of course they just happen to be veterans who are members of Post 140. It may be trivial and doesn’t matter who places the flags on the circle, but to me, well it’s just frustrating.

Thanks need to be channeled to the members of Post 140 and the veterans for volunteering their time to make this town proud. Proud of our veterans both past and present.

The flags that are placed on the light poles on South Broadway (downtown) are placed, courtesy of our Greenville VFW Post 7262 veterans and members. Volunteers from PCS have helped in the past but time restraints and schedules prevent them from doing so now.

I would like to thank the city employees though for the help they have given to us in the past placing the hardware on the poles and other odds and ends that we needed done.

The next time you happen to drive by the circle and we are placing our nations colors, give us a shout.

You are also welcome to stop by and help raise a flag or retire one, depending on the day you pass us by.

Thank you,

Norman Fullerton

Erk Cottrell Post 140

American Legion


Norman Fullerton

Erk Cottrell Post 140

American Legion

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