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GREENVILLE — Something needs to be done, or she’ll end up dead, said Defense Attorney David Rohrer in Darke County Common Pleas Court on Monday.

Rohrer was speaking about his client, Shaela N. Thompson, 28, of Union City, who admitted to non-compliance to Judge Jonathan P. Hein presiding over the case.

Thompson was arrested as part of a countywide drug bust conducted by various Darke County law enforcement agencies that netted 14 suspects in March 2017. She was convicted on one count of trafficking in heroin, a fifth-degree felony, and a second count of trafficking, a fourth-degree felony in August 2017.

Under community control sanctions, Thompson was testing positive for numerous drugs including THC, meth, and ecstasy.

Judge Hein accepted Thompson’s admittance to the violations and proceeded with sentencing.

During sentencing, Darke County Assistant Prosecutor Deborah Quigley stated the defendant was given a chance at treatment but “basically thumbed her nose” at it.

“Once she got out of treatment, she immediately began using drugs again,” said Quigley. “It doesn’t appear the defendant wants to make the changes necessary in her life.” However, the prosecutor deferred to probation’s recommendation to send the defendant to the MonDay program.

“When I was her age, you think you can’t die,” said Rohrer, going on to state something needs to be done as his client continues to abuse drugs. “When I see fentanyl [listed], it scares me to death.”

When asked if she had anything to add, Thompson noted the loss of her uncle and a cousin as factors behind her drug abuse.

“Trying to self-medicate is not going to change the past, right?” said Judge Hein in regards to Thompson’s loss. “If you want to honor their memory, you don’t run around doing drugs.”

Community control sanctions were continued with Thompson’s entry into the MonDay program.

Also appearing in court on Monday for sentencing were the following:

*Michael T. Pearson, 18, of Greenville, for sentencing on what was an original charge of two counts of burglary, both third-degree felonies.

Pearson gave a guilty plea to the count one charge with an understanding the second count would be dismissed. He was sentenced to 60 months supervision, jail time dependent on payment of $1200 in restitution, courts costs, and 100 hours community service.

*Fred E. Dakin IV, 31, of Rossburg, also went before Judge Hein for sentencing on a charge of illegal conveyance of drugs into a detention facility, a third-degree felony.

A summary was given of the defendant’s criminal history, including burglary, aggravated possession, and drug abuse. The prosecution noted the defendant has a second illegal conveyance charge pending from July and recommended a prison sentence.

Dakin admitted to an issue with drugs, stating it has controlled his life, and that he wasn’t a lost cause, he needed help. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison with 55 days credit.

*Phillip E. Fetters, 30, of Greenville, received sentencing on aggravated assault, a fourth-degree felony.

According to Darke County Prosecutor Kelly Ormsby, the victims in the case requested no prison for the defendant. The state did recommend community control sanctions, local jail time, and would have requested restitution but the victim provided no amount.

Fetters was sentenced to community control sanctions, 69 days jail credit, court costs, and 100 hours community service.

*Felisha M. Evans, 32, of Xenia, sentencing for non-compliance. She was originally sentenced to intervention in lieu of conviction on a charge of trafficking in or illegal use of food stamps in 2017. She admitted to violating terms of intervention with the court proceeding to give her 115 days jail credit and to pay court costs.

*Jordan P.D. Purdin, 18, of Vandalia, was sentenced on one count burglary, a third-degree felony.

According to prosecution, Purdin failed to cooperate with the presentence investigation and recommended a prison sentence with restitution of $1200.

Purdin was sentenced to 18 months in prison, mandatory post-release control for three years, court costs, and $1200 restitution.

*Heather N. Lacey, 39, of Union City, Ohio, for non-compliance on an original conviction of theft and forgery, both fifth-degree felonies.

Allegations of non-compliance were possession of meth and drug paraphernalia, positive test for meth, and refusing urine samples two times in March. The defendant admitted to allegations of non-compliance on the latter two.

According to prosecution, the defendant admitted to using meth daily along with pending new charges in Indiana.

“She wants to travel, do all this stuff, but she hasn’t made any payments towards restitution,” said Quigley. She asked for community control to be revoked and a sentence to be imposed. “Clearly, this case is not a priority for her.”

“A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away, the goal was for you to pay restitution and get off everybody’s back,” said Hein. “But it didn’t.”

Lacey was sentenced to 13 days in the county jail plus additional time served to cover restitution. However, she stated an ability to pay restitution after the proceedings. She will serve 13 days in jail and pay court costs.

Darke County Media Shaela Thompson is pictured with defense attorney Dave Rohrer while giving a guilty plea to two drug felonies in Darke County Common Pleas Court in 2017. She went before Judge Hein for non-compliance to terms of community control sanctions from those charges in court Monday. County Media Shaela Thompson is pictured with defense attorney Dave Rohrer while giving a guilty plea to two drug felonies in Darke County Common Pleas Court in 2017. She went before Judge Hein for non-compliance to terms of community control sanctions from those charges in court Monday.





Admits to community control violations

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