Ressler may be victim of fatal crash


FORT RECOVERY – On August 9, the Darke County Sheriff’s Office, Mercer County Sheriff’s Office, Union City, OH and Union City, Ind. Police Departments began a joint missing person investigation of Shawna Rue Ressler of Union City, OH/IN. The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office joined and assisted in the investigation a few days later.

During the course of the investigation it was discovered that Shawna Rue Ressler was last seen on Stateline Road north of Union City on Aug. 4, 2019 at 12:12 p.m. while traveling to a destination in Celina, Ohio 35 miles north of Union City.

Multiple deputies from multiple counties searched the areas of northern Darke County, southern Mercer County and the eastern side of Randolph and Jay Counties in Indiana.

On Aug. 14, at approximately 1 p.m., the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office was notified that a vehicle had been found in a steep ditch and was covered in a woods and vegetation. The vehicle was located on Stateline Road in Mercer County, Ohio south of Fox Road. The Darke County Sheriff’s Office was also notified of this discovery at the same time. Deputies from Mercer County responded to the scene as well as deputies from Darke County who were nearby searching the area.

Mercer County Sheriff’s deputies and detectives are investigating the crash. Darke County Sheriff’s detectives were present to assist and gather any evidence in the missing person case. Both Sheriff’s Offices continued to work this joint investigation. Details of the crash investigation are deferred to the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies discovered a black Chevy Trail Blazer had crashed into the ditch and overturned. The vehicle was registered to Shawna Rue Ressler. The vehicle was occupied by one deceased person. The clothing on the victim, other identifying marks on the body as well as personal belongings in the vehicle lead investigators to believe the deceased may be Shawna Rue Ressler. Positive identification of the body is pending a forensic examination by the Mercer County Coroner’s Office. As a result of these preliminary findings the Darke County Sheriff’s Office is suspending the missing person investigation.

Darke County Sheriff Toby L. Spencer thanks the public for their assistance in this case. Sheriff Spencer also thanks Sheriff Jeff Grey, Sheriff Art Moystner, Union City Ohio and Indiana Police Chiefs and all of the surrounding law enforcement agencies that assisted in the missing person investigation.

This is the area on Stateline Road in Mercer County where a car belonging to Shawna Ressler is believed to have crashed. is the area on Stateline Road in Mercer County where a car belonging to Shawna Ressler is believed to have crashed. Jim Comer |

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