Versailles Vets Club gearing up for fall


Versailles offers many events and activities for the public. Having just finished the Summer Entertainment Series at Fountain Square and a musical production performed by the Towne & Country Players in the Performing Arts Center, Versailles is gearing up for an action packed fall thanks in part to the Versailles Vets Club.

The Versailles Vets Club is an active organization combining the VFW, American Legion, as well as the AL Auxiliary and the Sons of the Legion. This is a hospitable club that is open Thursday through Sunday with many events open to the public. Most of the events occur downstairs in “the bunker” while they have a moderate sized upstairs hall available for rent.

Karaoke with Orville has been a mainstay for many years held the first Saturday evening of every month, and the night before is considered “Practice Friday”. Recently they have been offering Sunday evening events such as Music Bingo, a Music Jammers Session, Trivia with Odie, card games of Bird Poker and Sheepshead and they are hoping to add Line Dancing and An Evening of Painting. In November Thursday night Bid Euchre will resume weekly until the Easter season.

They are always welcoming new members, sons or spouse may qualify to join the “SAL” or Auxiliary. For more information call the Club at 526-5959 during weekend hours. Throughout the year fundraisers are held which include chicken dinners, bake sales, flag placement programs, hot dogs and hamburgers for tailgaters, etc.

This club consists of men and women who served this country to protect our freedom. They also assemble at military funerals, football games and anywhere their presence is requested. They defended the rights of those who could not or would not serve. These heroes have ensured our freedom to speech, which allows citizens to speak out against the constitution, our country and our president, although I wouldn’t push them on the issue. They hold all these things, including the flag, in high regard and we owe them all a debt of gratitude as they continue to serve their fellow citizen. May God bless America despite ourselves.


· Saturday, Aug. 17: Farefest, downtown Versailles from 2-5 p.m.

· Saturday, Aug. 17: Open House at Noon: Antoinette Bridal Boutique, 19 N. Center St., Versailles

· Sunday, Aug. 25: Singo (musical bingo) from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Vets Club Bunker, Versailles

· Friday, Sept. 6: Open to the Public Karaoke Luau 8:30 p.m. to midnight in the Vets Club Bunker, Versailles

· Saturday, Sept. 7: Open to the Public Karaoke Luau II 8:30 p.m. to midnight in the Vets Club Bunker, Versailles

· Sunday, 09/08: Music Jammers Session (Open to the Public) 6-8:30 p.m. in the Vets Club Bunker, Versailles

· Saturday, Sept. 14: Versailles Bicentennial at Heritage Park (see Facebook for schedule of events)

· Sunday, Sept. 15: Trivia with Odie from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Vets Club Bunker, Versailles

· Saturday, Sept. 21: Fall Vendor Event from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at BMI, 791 E Main St,, Versailles

· Sunday, Sept. 22: Bird Poker from 6-8 p.m. in the Vets Club Bunker, Versailles

· Sunday, Sept. 29: Sheepshead card night from 6-8 p.m. in the Vets Club Bunker, Versailles

· Thursdays in November: Bid Euchre card night from 7-9 p.m. in the Vets Club Bunker, Versailles

Birthday wishes to Sherri Reed, Margie Larger, Charlotte Kissel, Kim Middendorf, Cheryl Collins, Cole De’Nise, Ronda Stammen, Dwight Keihl, Therese Pohlman, Lynne Schlater, Stephanie Giere, Bob Paulus, Dan Richhart, Gary Poling, Jeremy Yagle, Karen Mescher, Mark Hilgefort, Kendall Keihl, Ralph Schulze, Rocky Van Cleve, Bob Nieport, Theresa Boerger, Jessica Weaver, Lisa Heaton, Nathan Hayes, Warren Hartzell, John Rimmer, Cole Carity, Shirley Derr, and Matthew Rhoades as their birthdays approach as well as, anniversary wishes to Carolyn and Daryl Shrader (12) and Jeannie and Gary Grosch (23).

Please give your supportive and healing prayers for the many who are dealing with any of life’s countless challenges, and especially Nicholas Slonkosky, Rosie Pearson, Louise Grilliot, Barb Monnin (Russia), Violet Bensman, Dan Knight, Aiden Myers, Alayna Henry, Ramona Nickol, Joan and Ron Homan, Anabelle Subler, Cyril Frantz, Lois Youngker, and all those who are recuperating, under medical care, and/or are in need of our prayers.

Heartfelt sympathy is extended to the family and friends Jerry Hemmelgarn (92). Also remembering the lives of Daniel Craft, Louise Rhoades, Lou Ann Heinrichs, Kylee Wells, William Lyle, Alice Faye Schlecty, Tammy Jo Shapiro, Delores Peltier, Phyllis Overholser, Vernon Allison, John McEldowney, Wanda Staley, Irene Broering, Bernie Treon, Bob Denlinger, Cathy Eckstein, Roy Henry, Judy Harman, Mike Phlipot, Betty Oehrtman, Wayne Wendel, Bob Hollingsworth and all those not mentioned by name as the anniversary of their passing nears.

“Thank you veterans for bravely doing what you’re called to do so we can safely, and perhaps ignorantly, do what we’re free to do.” ~C. Edwards

By Kathy Magoto

Versailles News

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