Ansonia scrimmages Lehman & TVS


Ansonia traveled to Twin Valley South for a three way scrimmage that also involved Lehman Catholic. Ansonia enjoyed some success, but also had mental mistakes that could be costly in a game situation. Ansonia had a total of 4 varsity scores while the JV’s scored twice. Lehman Catholic had four and one respectively while South only had a single score. Ansonia’s varsity defense was almost unscored upon, but late in the scrimmage Lehman Catholic threw a 45 yard touchdown strike to break the shutout.

Ansonia Coach Matt Macy on the offense, “The thing I liked the most in this scrimmage was our conditioning and the way that our linemen are coming off the ball. They showed a lot of toughness. “

The Tiger defense saw a couple of different looks from the 2 teams. South runs a pro set offense while Lehman Catholic used a shotgun formation with the quarterback in the backfield. However both teams featured the run and occasionally mixed in the pass. The Tigers defended both well, for a good while the longest run given up was a 15 yard carry by the Lehman quarterback on an option play.

The Tiger offense seemed to move the ball well against both teams. They featured the run as well, but were not afraid to mix in the pass effectively. Fumbles were a problem as the team coughed up the ball twice and a third time the ball was fumbled into the end zone on a pass play but fortunately a Tiger player trailing the play fell on the ball for the score.

Coach Macy on the teams mistakes, “The single most thing that I didn’t like was our fumbling. We gave away the ball twice and recovered our fumble in the end zone once – that is something that we are not going to tolerate. That is something we have get to cleaned up by the time we meet Riverside.”

Both South and Ansonia had good numbers on the sidelines which bodes well for the future success of the programs and also gives depth for the season. However, there were only 17 Lehman Catholic players that dressed on Saturday morning, so they could have problems going forward as a single injury could affect both offense and defense with so many having to go both ways.

Ansonia gets a big gain the teams preseason football scrimmage. gets a big gain the teams preseason football scrimmage.

By J. C. Tilton

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