Marriage licenses


Chelsea Marie Berning, 26, Greenville, and Christian Mark Jennings, 27, Greenville.

Dan Michael Chesterfield, 40, Winchester, Ind., and Stacy Renee Burk, 40, Union City, Ind.

Elliot T. Didier, 24 Greenville, and Maci K. Snyder, 24, Greenville.

Ryan Andrew Whitaker 21, Rochester, Ind., and Addie Renae Bowman, 22, Union City, Ohio.

Tiffani Marie Martin, 23, Greenville, and Christopher Ryan McDowell, 29, Greenville.

Carrie Irene Denlinger, 25, Brookville, and Tyler David Peters, 38, Greenville.

Natasha Noel Bryson, 25, Versailles, and Mitchel Paul Grieshop, 27, Versailles.

Kyle Austin Slack, 25, Versailles, and Bailey Elizabeth Marshal, 24, Bradford.

Garrett Allan Turner, 24, Ansonia, and Lora Ann Miller, 43, Ansonia.

Clinton T. Neal, 28, Ansonia, and Sara Elizabeth Crabtrey, 27, Ansonia.

Greg Mathew Earle, 48, Bradford, and Stephanie A. Shade, 48, Bradford.

Amber Sierra Peterson, 23, New Madison, and Justin Daniel Mader, 27, New Madison.

Jason D. Howard, 26, Greenville, and Kelsey Alana Berning, 23, Versailles.

Chris L. Vance, 30, Greenville, and Paige Kelly Harsh, 18, Greenville.

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