Lunch & Learn with Williams


GREENVILLE – The Greenville Public Library’s September Lunch & Learn welcomes Rhonda Williams, extension educator for OSU Extension, Darke County, who is a certified Real Colors Facilitator. Her presentation is “Understanding What Makes People Tick.”

What is Real Colors? Williams explained, “Real Colors is a personality assessment tool which enables individuals to identify their own dominant temperament and to understand the role temperament plays when interacting with others.”

She continued, “Each of us is born with four different types of temperament but most of us work out of our top two categories. Understanding these four and how each affects our interactions can be invaluable when working with employees, committee members, or family members.”

Williams will present a brief history of personality theories and share Real Color’s philosophy and the characteristics of the four basic types. Join them for a fun, interactive session.

Lunch is at noon on Wednesday, Sept. 18. Purchase the Coffee Pot lunch for $5, bring your own or just come for the program. They usually have a wrap with soup or salad and always fruit and drinks. Please register and let them know about lunch by calling the library at 548-3915.


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