Foundation gives to Empowering


GREENVILLE – The Vectren Foundation, a Vectren CenterPoint Energy Company, has given Empowering Darke County Youth a major grant to help the organization in its efforts to reach more students who are academically at risk.

“Programs like yours are a crucial part of creating sustainable communities in our region,” said Amanda Schmitt, MPA, Vectren Community Affairs Manager. “On behalf of the Vectren Foundation, we wish you best of luck on your program and thank you for your efforts on behalf of our community.”

The Empowering Programs – Summer and After School tutoring – are entering their fourth year of helping academically at risk students in Darke County. Since March 2016, Empowering has worked more than 15,000 hours with nearly 650 students. The summer programs have helped students from nearly every school district in the county. This fall, Ansonia Local Schools will join Greenville City Schools in offering the Empowering After School Program.

“This is huge,” said Bob Robinson, Empowering executive director. “It has been a challenge achieving growth in our resources to match the growth in requests for help. The Vectren Foundation, with its generous grant, will be immensely helpful in our ability to reach students who need our help.”

“The Vectren Foundation strives to become a community catalyst in the communities where we live and work, leveraging everyday opportunities to achieve extraordinary outcomes,” added Schmitt. The Vectren Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization funded by non-utility related transactions and is not an element of customers’ energy bills. Go to to learn more.

Help Empowering Darke County Youth meet the academic needs of the children in our communities by getting involved. If you would like to help – with donations, snacks and supplies, or your time – email [email protected] or contact Empowering on Facebook.

The Empowering Mission: Empowering Darke County Youth is a 501c3 United Way Partner Agency providing After School and Summer Tutoring programs to assist students in the areas of language arts and math with the goal of Strong Students for a Strong Community.

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