Wakefield reunion held


GREENVILLE – The 171st Wakefield Harvest Home Reunion was held on Sept. 1 in North Park on Lease Avenue, Greenville.

This year’s theme was Storybook Land in respect to the four books – My Sister’s Story, Wakefield, Charlotte’s Bell and Our Wakefield written by the Lease sisters, Betty and Marilyn. These books have been placed in numerous libraries and genealogical societies and museums throughout the United States.

Refreshments of cookies and water was from nearby Krogers and the Lease sisters were honored to share the Sunday upon the same land that was their great grandparents’, Maximillium Louis and Charlotte Leis, homestead.

The 172nd theme will be “Pioneer Mothers Who Sacrificed Their Life for Their Family. Great grandmother Charlotte was murdered in the kitchen of her cabin to spare her family. Great grandmother Margaret Smith, Versailles, died in her 10th pregnancy.

They later returned to the Wakefield Cemetery and gather the wreath.

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