October’s Lunch & Learn


GREENVILLE – The Greenville Public Library’s October Lunch & Learn welcomes Bill Stall, occupational therapist from Wayne HealthCare, who will talk on Repetitive Strain Injuries: Are You at Risk? Stall explained, “Repetitive strain injury has been around since people first began repeating motions and carrying out manual labor. The first description of repetitive strain injury (RSI) came from an Italian physician in 1700.”

Today, the main causes of RSI are manual labor, office work, and the use of modern technological devices. Depending on your occupation you may very well be at risk for developing a Repetitive Strain Injury. Stall will be discussing the various types of RSI, the causes, diagnoses, treatment, and prevention options.

Stall graduated in 1998 from the State University of New York at Buffalo and currently resides in Coldwater. He has provided rehabilitation services in a variety of settings and joined Wayne’s Outpatient Rehabilitation in 2008. His main responsibility is providing and overseeing the care of patients with hand/upper extremity issues. Stall has been fascinated with “the hand” since his first anatomy class.

Lunch is at noon on Wednesday, Oct. 16. You may buy the Coffee Pot lunch for $5 or bring your own or just come for the program. They usually have a wrap with soup or salad and always fruit and drinks. Register and let them know about lunch by calling the library at 548-3915.


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