GCS sees improvement on state report card


The Ohio Department of Education released Report Cards for school districts across the state in September. For the second time, schools and districts received an overall letter grade.

This grade was calculated using results from six “components” — achievement, progress, gap closing, improving at-risk K-3 readers, graduation rate and prepared for success. Achievement — (20 percent of overall grade) — Number of students who passed the state tests and how well they performed. Progress — (20 percent of overall grade) — Growth of all students based on their past performances. Gap closing — (15 percent of overall grade) — How well districts and schools are meeting expectations for all students, especially the most vulnerable. Improving at-risk K-3 readers — (15 percent of overall grade) — Success in getting struggling readers on track to proficiency in third grade and beyond. Graduation Rate — (15 percent of overall grade) — Graduation Rate for students in four or five years. Prepared for Success — (15 percent of overall grade) — Preparation for future opportunities, whether training in a technical field, preparation for work or college.

Other report card terms and rating categories include: Performance index — How well did students perform on the tests overall. Value added — A measure of growth by individual students.

Paolo DeMaria, Superintendent of Public Instruction, states on the Ohio Education report card report, “This report card shows the hard work of students and adults last year continues to move us toward our destination.”

Student achievement is up statewide for the third consecutive year. It also points to our strengths and weaknesses, including an ongoing need to improve educational opportunities for students with disabilities and of diverse backgrounds and cultures. The 2019 district and school report cards each provide a more detailed, local picture.

Remember, though, report cards are not the only measure of a school’s or district’s success.

Talk to parents, students, teachers, and graduates and visit schools to get a more complete picture of their experiences.

Greenville City Schools’ staff is looking at data to determine where we can go from here and what improvements the district saw this year on the report card. The district has been actively working for the last several years with our kindergarten through third grade literacy and we are starting to see the benefits of that work.

We have progressed from a D to a C in that area and we will see benefits from this work throughout the years as these students progress through the grade levels at Greenville City Schools. As a district, we are continuously analyzing data and targeting instruction to meet individual student learning needs, setting goals and having high expectations. We are making progress based on the data.

GCS has increased the Performance Index over the last three years and has continued to earn a B in the Graduation Rate over the past seven years. The district has also moved the gap closing component from a F to a D to a B over the last three years.

Greenville City Schools has great kids, great teachers, and staff. Greenville City Schools staff is continuously working to improve and evaluate the curriculum, instruction and assessments. Also, the district continues to challenge students at all levels, elementary through high school. We’re proud of the fact that we offer so many dual enrollment classes for college credit.

We are a comprehensive high school with career technical programs offered onsite. The Career Technical Report Card was also released last week, with Greenville earning a B. Our music, art, NJROTC and athletics are also exceptional programs for developing well rounded students. The report card is one piece of information, but doesn’t define everything about a district. We do our best to help students in many areas, including educationally, socially and emotionally. Finally, in our state, we all have the same standards, the same tests and we will start meeting more indicators now that the target has stabilized.


By Laura Bemus

GCS Assistant Superintendent

Laura Bemus is assistant superintendent for Greenville City Schools. She may be reached at 937-548-3185.

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