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The month of September has come and gone, and that means fall is officially here. We will be seeing some cooler weather, (not colder we hope), as we will see that soon enough! Labor Day is always a good start to the month. Family get-togethers and the start of some small festivals all over the country remind us that September is a month that announces a slowdown just before winter. September was still a little slow in the office although some projects did get started. A contract was given to Sunesis Corporation, which started at the airport on the taxiway refurbishments. This is a much- needed improvement for our tenants, and this upgrade has led to some more interest in our airport. The project should be completed by the end of October or soon thereafter. On Sept. 6, we were informed by CEBCO, the county’s health insurance provider that our premiums were going up less than half of the national average, only 4.9 percent. This is due to a continuing effort on the part of our employees to participate in our wellness programs and early detection and prevention methods.

We were also informed that Darke County would receive a substantial rebate from Worker’s Compensation. This is due to the state of Ohio running a surplus due to fewer claims and education programs on workplace safety being very effective. We will learn soon how much our part will be, as the state surplus was $1.5 billion. The 20th of September saw the Economic Development’s Inspire Career Concert at Edison State Community College in Piqua. More than 105 companies and 1,000 students took part in the event. The Economic Development offices from Darke, Mercer, Auglaize and Shelby counties each took part at Edison State, and it was hugely successful. The feedback so far from the companies has been very positive, as has feedback from the students. This event gives students a chance to see the large number of jobs in all areas available in their hometowns.

The Inspire Career Concert and the Hometown Opportunity website are starting to make a difference, giving students another choice in their futures. This is what this event and the website are all about.

Thanks to the Economic Development offices in all four counties for a job well done!

The Courthouse security entrance is moving along nicely and should be completed on time. We anticipated the stone surface may be the only holdup, but a delivery is expected next week so things look good right now. Arcon Construction is working hard to complete the project on time. On Saturday, Sept. 19, the Darke County Sheriff’s Patrol held their second golf outing at Stillwater Valley Golf Course. This event has become a major fundraiser for the Sheriff’s patrol. The Tournament supports programs and other items needed. Seventeen teams were present, and Commissioner Stegall had the opportunity to participate with his foursome. Good food and a good time were enjoyed by everyone! We hope this will become an annual event. Thanks to all who made this happen, and to Stillwater Valley Golf Course. October is here and the last quarter of the year is upon us.

Cooler temperatures and upcoming holidays should mean a slowdown in our daily lives. Why don’t you take advantage of this and come to a Commissioner’s meeting? We meet publicly every Monday and Wednesday, 1:30 p.m. in the Commissioner’s office at 520 South Broadway in Greenville, just south of the Courthouse. Come on in and find out what is going on in your county. Hope to see you there!

Darke County Commissioners, left to right, Matt Aultman, Mike Stegall and Mike Rhoades. County Commissioners, left to right, Matt Aultman, Mike Stegall and Mike Rhoades. Gaylen Blosser |

By Darke County Commissioners

Darke County C9mmissioners Matt Aultman, Mike Stegall and Mike Rhoades may be reached by calling 937-547-7370.

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