Early Bird classifieds in the Advocate


GREENVILLE – You’ve come to trust the classified advertisements in The Early Bird and now you will have a new place to find them. Earlier this week, Darke County Media – home of The Early Bird and Daily Advocate, combined forces to offer The Early Bird classifieds in the Daily Advocate.

According to Publisher Keith Foutz, “This provides our readers with more value in the Greenville Daily Advocate while providing our advertisers greater exposure into our paid publication. I’m pleased that we can provide this additional service and give both our readers and our advertisers the biggest bang for the buck. It is one of many of the benefits of being able to provide extra value and benefits through our combined services.”

There are several options available that represent substantial saving for our advertisers while providing them with greater exposure.

Option #1 – Buy three editions (two Advocate and one Early Bird) and receive two Advocate editions free. This represents a 40 percent savings.

Option #2 – Buy two editions (one Advocate and one Early Bird) and receive one Advocate edition for free. This represents 33 percent savings.

Option #3 – Simply buy into one edition of either The Early Bird or the Greenville Daily Advocate.

Foutz concluded, “Providing these savings and creating greater exposure for our classified customers is a great benefit for their investment and we’re confident that it will create a greater return on their marketing investment.”


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