Patriots upset Arcanum


ARCANUM – Tri-Village broke open a close game in the second half and upset league leading Arcanum. Most of the night Arcanum was without the services of their feature running back, Corey Ross. So the game boiled down to a contest between two young quarterbacks – freshman Bryce Schondelmyer of Arcanum and sophomore Lane Sarver of Tri-Village.

At halftime Arcanum had a slim lead – 21 to 20, but Tri-Village outgunned them in the second half and put up 30-points for a 50-34 upset victory.

Both teams used a spread offense as their primary offense. Arcanum’s Corey Ross had injured his ankle and was questionable at game time. He gamely tried to play in the second half, but was not effective and went back to the sidelines.

Both teams would end up featuring the pass for the night which put the outcome of the game into the hands of two young quarterbacks. Both acquitted themselves well – with a lot of yardage being generated in the air, but it was Tri-Village who gradually gained an advantage.

Schondelmyer either passed or ran for four of Arcanum’s scores and Sarver was a factor in five Tri-Village scores.

“Schondelmyer is really good,” said Tri-Village coach Robert Burk. “He spread the ball around and got it to his guys. He hurt us a few times but Lane Sarver made some good reads. He made one bad play on the goal line that gave them a touchdown, but the rest of the night he played his brains out and delivered it to our guys.”

Turnovers and big plays were another factor. There were not many turnovers, but when they happened they made an impact. Patriot Dylan Finkbine ripped the ball away from the ball carrier on a kick off and carried the ball to the 4-yard line.

Patriot Cody Eyer had a good night carrying the ball to the Arcanum 22 on a kick off to set up a Patriots score. Then he turned around and intercepted a pass on defense and ran it over 60-yards for a touchdown.

Arcanum linebacker Braden Garbig got the ball away from Sarver as he attempted a pass and ran it in 6-yards for a score.

Besides this being an upset as 4-4 Tri-Village beat 7-1 Arcanum, this game will also give the Patriots their first non-losing season in the short history of their football program. A win against Ansonia next week would give the program their first winning season.

“That was a wild game,” exclaimed Coach Burk, “We feel like we can score like that against a lot of people, but in the first half of year we kept hurting ourselves. You saw it tonight and you saw it last week. When we play well and don’t make mistakes, we can score a lot of points. We protected the quarterback, he threw the ball well, and our receivers they made great plays. We ran the ball when we needed to – we iced the game by running out the clock at the end.”

He continued, “Our defense played well, they did complete some big passes against us. We had a safety get injured and they picked on the new guy a little bit. But all 32 of us played as hard as we could for four quarters tonight.”

Finally he was asked about how well the outsized line played against Arcanum, “They protected our quarterback well tonight. Our offensive line is 1-freshman, 3-sophomores, and a senior, so I get back 4-starters next year. The next guys up are all freshmen. As a team we only lose 3-seniors.”

The game shook up the standings in the CCC where Arcanum had been in a tie for first place with Fort Loramie. It also made Arcanum’s playoff hopes a bit less certain. They had been sitting at number 8 in their district and the loss dropped them to number 9, just out of the post season.

They will need to win in week 10 and then wait to see how the other teams settle out. Tri-Village has slim post season prospects, but mathematically there is a glimmer of hope. They will need to battle Ansonia next Friday – who also has a chance at a playoff slot, and then sit and wait to see how the cards fall.

Patriot Stats: Sarver 17/24 passed for 250-yards, 3-TDs, 1-interception; Josh Scantland 6-catches for 182-yds, 2-TDs; Devin Swick 9-catches for 60-YDs, 1TD. Dylan Finkbine 12-tackles, 1-sack, 1-fumble recovery; Cody Eyer 6-tackles, 1-interception return for a TD.

Devin Swick picks up yards for Tri-Village in the team’s Friday night win over Arcanum. Swick picks up yards for Tri-Village in the team’s Friday night win over Arcanum.

By J. Chris Tilton

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