Candidate displays values and virtue


To the editor:

My husband, James L. Besecker, is running as a write-in candidate for mayor of the city of Greenville.

We have lived in Greenville all of our married life (24 years now). Greenville is not what it once was. I don’t remember in my early years being afraid to walk down our streets because of the drugs and crime. I don’t remember the streets being full of pot holes and the curbs, lights and streets not having a recent coat of paint. I don’t remember making sure my car was parked in the driveway at night because it would be at less risk of being vandalized. I don’t remember feeling afraid to send my kids to the park to play before dinner. I don’t remember seeing the rudeness and outlandish behavior of some of our elected officials today. When we bought our home and decided to raise our family here, I never felt any of the above.

Over the years, my husband has maintained our home, cars and life. He maintains the house daily. He may spend a small amount of time and money now, so that later a big problem will not occur. He cleans and services the cars weekly, so they will run smoothly daily. He keeps virtue and faith within our house daily, so we don’t forget what each day is about. I think a mayor with these values and virtues is what Greenville is yearning for. It is what Greenville needs. He has the perseverance to take care of the crime, drugs and maintenance of the city.

How do you feel about Greenville today? Do you feel the same? Let’s do something about it.

Vote for my husband, James L. Besecker for mayor of Greenville and get this city back to where it needs to be.

Jodi Besecker



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