Candidate vows to hit the ground running


To the Editor:

My name is James L. Besecker. l am running as a write-in candidate for the mayor of the city of Greenville.

My campaign isn’t just about the extension of Wagner Avenue or sidewalks; it’s about truth, disclosure and respect for those who pay the bills in this town.

If you elect me, your financials will be posted so you know exactly how much money we have and where it’s going. If you think I’m not spending your money properly, your opinion will be heard without insults and condescending remarks from myself or council. You will be asked your opinion on public issues and projects.Another part of my plan is to bring our community back to working together on what’s best for us all.

We need a real neighborhood watch plan; it’s time to get a handle on drugs and crime. It’s time for the criminals to feel the pressure, not us. I have many, many plans, that will take time but I plan to hit the ground running.

I’ve had a wonderful, full life and I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family. Being a politician was not my plan for this stage of my life. If this is, however, what the good Lord wants me to do, I will do it with all my might. I’ve tried to educate you on what our local politicians are up to with all of the information I could get my hands on. I’ve tried to shame them into doing the right thing with my writings and it’s not working, they have no shame. Those of us who remember how Greenville was years ago know it’s not the same today. As I’ve said before, this is a great community with many great people. We just have bad leadership and I can change that.

James L. Besecker


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