Staley speaks to AWTHS


ARCANUM – Tom Staley will be sharing stories Nov. 14, 7 p.m., at the Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society from the 30 years he has owned Staley’s Antiques and Woodworking located on Sycamore Street in Arcanum.

Stepping into Staley’s Antique Store is like stepping back in time, like a treasure hunt in grandma’s attic or rummaging through the family storage unit.

Staley has seen trends over the years in what people are collecting, the strange items that have come and gone through his store, and watched prices go up and down. He only recently learned that the rainbow colored robe he has had for a long time could be from the era of the Ku Klux Klan movement. He has some items from the general store, The John Smith Company, which had been in Arcanum for nearly 150 years.

If you have an item you can’t identify, bring it to the program, maybe Staley or someone else in attendance can tell you what it is and what it was used for.

Join them to hear Staley’s stories of the strangest items he has had at his shop and the people he has met.

Located at 123 W. George St., the Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society is open the first Saturday of the month to view displays and to research local history. AWTHS is Contact us at: [email protected].

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