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GREENVILLE – In accordance with its mission of “Building healthy lives…together,” Family Health’s Behavioral Health and Wellness Center is hosting a program series titled, “Alternatives for Pain Management.” Speakers from Family Health and Wayne Healthcare, among many other community organizations will present programs and activities to enhance health and wellbeing from a whole person perspective.

The Behavioral Health and Wellness center is excited to host Dr. Heather Pappas, PT, DPT, as she discusses Dry Needling. Dry needling involves use of needles which are very small in diameter and therefore flexible. The needles are inserted into the skin, often with minimal to no discomfort on insertion. Nothing is injected; the needle does the work by entering the muscle and releasing tight, shortened portions in order to return the tissue to its normal state. This also helps to improve communication with the brain and spinal cord, which restores the normal chemical make-up within the muscle. These changes assist in speeding up the healing process, relieving pain, restoring strength, and improving range of motion. Dry needling is different from traditional Chinese Acupuncture mostly due to the theories driving treatment. Dry needling typically follows western medical principals more closely and can be practiced by multiple healthcare practitioners. Patients suffering from headaches, joint pain, muscle tightness/soreness, weakness, and post-operative patients may benefit be appropriate for dry needling treatment.

Heather most enjoys promoting positive interprofessional relationships with other members of the healthcare team and educating her patients to improve their understanding of why they are experiencing pain and how to fix it. Her treatment strategy is about efficiency, always attempting to get patients back to their favorite activities with less pain. Heather most enjoys working with older adults and athletes – promoting proper movement patterns by combining hands on techniques with exercise. She is looking forward to promoting wellness and independence through community engagement


Join Heather as she discusses dry needling and provides information on how dry needling can help manage pain. The free program will be held at the Behavioral Health and Wellness Center located at 1101 Jackson Street in Greenville (The Reid Medical Building next to Family Health) on Monday, Nov. 11, 5:30-7 p.m. A light meal will be provided, and a drawing for door prizes.

Please contact the Behavioral Health and Wellness Center at (937) 547-2319 with questions and/or if you are interested in attending. Reservations are not required to attend, but are appreciated to provide adequate seating and materials.

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