Unique sculptural art at Bear’s Mill


GREENVILLE – In the final exhibit of this season, “Art at the Mill” will feature the figurative story-telling ceramic sculptures of Jan Wiesner along with the unique architectural structures created by her husband, Mark Wiesner from Nov. 29 through Dec. 29. This exhibit in the Clark Gallery at historic Bear’s Mill opens on the final Friday of November with a reception from 6-8 p.m. offering finger food and drinks as well as brief talks by the artists who will share information about their work, methods, and inspiration at 7 p.m. “Art at the Mill,” curated by Jan Roestamadji and Julie Clark is free and open to the public.

“This talented couple works side by side, their talents cross-pollinating to create fascinating pieces that seem to talk to each other,” commented Ms. Roestamadji. “Their striking output delightfully captures attention, and distinctly speaks to each viewer from a personal perspective,” she stated. According to Ms. Clark, some of Jan Wiesner’s ceramic sculptures were created to complement her husband’s houses made of cardboard and found objects, most of which were made specifically for the exhibit at Bear’s Mill. “We are excited to bring this talented duo to our Gallery, and invite everyone to explore their captivating artwork,” Ms. Clark said.

The Wiesners maintain a working studio at the Pendleton Arts Center in Cincinnati; both are retired art teachers who have earned numerous awards during their teaching careers. Inspired by artists they admire, the couple is influenced by all they see around them, caught up in ideas and what they can do with the vast input. Jan’s figurative ceramic sculptures have stories to tell; those stories can be fanciful or filled with everyday magic, dealing with responses to parts of our culture that surround and affect women and their lives. She forms clay into evocative figures that vary in size from 9 to 12 inches high and 6 to 7 inches wide, giving many of the sculptures intriguing titles that also ignite imaginations and excite emotions.

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