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ENGLEWOOD – Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) SkillsUSA Chapter 2 held its third meeting on Nov. 5, and discussed the SkillsUSA OhioFall Conference along with other opportunities for students such as the future SkillsUSA competitions. The meeting began with congratulations to all the regional officer candidates and explanations of the different contests that will be happening in 2020 followed by guest speaker State Director of SkillsUSA Ohio, Jackie Walker.

Ms. Walker spoke about her involvement with SkillsUSA and how the organization sets up students for employment straight out of high school, along with filling the skills gap here in Ohio and the rest of the United States. She began by explaining how she got into SkillsUSA and how it greatly improved her life as a whole, going into such details as how SkillsUSA taught her leadership, management, and skills that made her a better team player. She proceeded to bring several students on stage and gave them a challenge, remove the bolt from a pipe without using their hands. At first it was only two students working together, but after some time, more kids joined in and tried to solve the problem. The task was impossible when done alone, but with a team and leaders it was simple, and that was the main point of the demonstration. We are strong when we work together as a team and not alone. Afterward she showed a video about a student who made it to World SkillsUSA Competition and it went into detail about his journey on making it to World Skills along with his plans and life after World Skills.

The meeting ended by thanking Ms. Walker for her wonderful work with SkillsUSA Ohio and for sharing her story along with taking time out of her day to see the potential we have here at Miami Valley Career Technology Center.

The third SkillsUSA Chapter 2 meeting was truly inspiring and eye-opening for all students, and all left with some great knowledge. They will continue to proudly represent MVCTC and SkillsUSA as they make their way into the end of the year and begin a new chapter in their lives.

Dedicated to providing premier educational choices and advanced employment preparation for youth, adults, and organizations, MVCTC has proudly served the Miami Valley since 1971.

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MVCTC SkillsUSA Chapter 2 officers are shown with Ohio SkillsUSA Director Jackie Walker. SkillsUSA Chapter 2 officers are shown with Ohio SkillsUSA Director Jackie Walker. Courtesy photo

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