Solution is not a remedy


Route 127…are you kidding me?

Two million dollars… the contractor is laughing all the way to the bank and should throw a party for Darke County taxpayers.

A Michigan turn-around is fine on a 35 mph speed limit, not on a 60 mph when drivers are likely going 70 mph and texting.

So, if I miss my left turn at Kruckeberg and I head north in the fast lane to turn around, I slow down traffic behind me to make my Michigan turn around. I make my turn and cross two lanes of traffic, now I am going 5 mph and traffic behind me is going 70 mph.

When semi trucks make their Michigan turn-around they will run over the signs causing tire damage. This was not properly planned.

This has not remedied the problem at Kruckeberg and 127; it has added more congestion, confusion and potential accidents.

With this new intersection “solution” (all three of them), there should be signs for north and south bound through traffic that state to use left lanes and to lower the speed limit to 55 mph. This would not solve the issue, but would hopefully slow down the speeding traffic.

Closing off Kruckeberg all together (again) would have been the best solution. Drivers going north could get off 127 at 121, travel to the top of the ramp and make a left turn. The ramp could have been widened and a stop light could have been installed.

A less expensive and safer solution. A far cry from a 2 million dollar mistake.

Who cares what I think?

TLC from the Miller’s desk.

Terry Clark,


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