Hats off to Wayne Healthcare


Dear Editor,

I recently had a medical procedure completed at Wayne Healthcare here in Greenville and I was very much impressed by the efficiency of the institution and the professionalism of the staff. Their central scheduling was very convenient and I even received a reminder call which was very helpful. (I also enjoyed a nice cup of “joe” in the lobby coffee shop). What a wonderful healthcare facility we have here in Darke County and we are truly fortunate and blessed to have this establishment. This is to the envy of rural counties of our size and with the new addition, one will be able to satisfy almost all of their healthcare needs right here in Darke County.

All of the benefits of this healthcare are under the watchful eye and excellent leadership of Wayne Deschambeau. He has a unique understanding of rural healthcare issues and he has been honored to be a fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives during the past few years. Most recently, he was named as a member of the National Advisory Committee on Rural Health and Human Services and I am sure he will excel in that capacity and gain much valuable information for further improvements of Wayne Healthcare.

Many complain about the cost of healthcare, but we need to realize that all of this care from healthcare services over the past few years has led people to live longer and more fruitful lives. As a consequence of living longer, these individuals require more healthcare maintenance to live a truly productive life. Although we may complain about healthcare costs (which are coming under control), I don’t think any of us would complain about Grandma and Grandpa living longer so they can see their grandchildren or great grandchildren (as the case may be) graduate from high school or to be able to hold that fourth or fifth generation in their arms before they pass.

We are very fortunate to have Wayne Healthcare as a non-profit healthcare company in Darke County and they should be commended for the job that they do in addressing our rural citizens’ healthcare needs.

Theodore O. Finnarn,

Attorney and Secretary-Treasurer for the Darke County Farmers Union,


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